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Five Things You Should Know About Your New City Before the Cross Country Moving Companies Begin Your Big Move.

Five Things You Should Know About Your New City Before the Cross Country Moving Companies Begin Your Big Move.

If you're thinking about moving, you are likely feeling both excited and scared. While exciting is fabulous, let's tone down that apprehension and uncertainty. These five 'must knows' get you in a more comfortable mindset before the cross country moving companies begin packing you up for the big day. Moving can be overwhelming, but with a little reconnaissance, you'll be reasonably confident you've picked the correct city to meet your lifestyle requirements.

The Five Things You Need to Know About Your New City.

1 - Does the Area's Culture Match Your Lifestyle? For example, is there a nearby stadium if you're a big sports fan? Consider if you walk a lot. In that case, what is the walkability of your new city? Go to to find your city's walkability rating. Matching your lifestyle to the current culture is critical to understanding if you will enjoy what that city has to offer. Doing your research ahead of time ensures that you choose a city with everything you need to satisfy your way of life.

The city's culture will include the population demographic, activities, shops, recreation, eateries, nightlife, and the city's overall vibe.

Population demographic - Researching the city's demographics gives you a better idea of whether it's the right fit for you. Usually, people look for communities with residents around the same age. Similar age groups often have some similar interests. Are you elderly and looking for something quiet and peaceful like any of the many beautiful retirement communities throughout the United States? Or, are you packing up for the big city life? Young people often look for somewhere vibrant with social activities and nightlife. Are you moving an entire family? If so, research if kid-friendly activities exist in your community and the surrounding areas. StreetAdvisor is an excellent resource for what the city is good for, bad for, and what sort of people live there. True Friends Moving Company does long distance moving anywhere across the country and inside the United States. We're great at moving you anywhere you decide to go.

Entertainment and activities - If you're a sports fan or entertainment enthusiast, check into the local arenas, sports centers, and theaters. Looking on local neighborhood websites, such as the local, often provides a good clue into the cultural surroundings for sports and theater. Is everyone talking about the big game or the latest movie coming out? There are multiple activities to consider in a cross country move.

Do you want the big city nightlife? Foursquare and StreetAdvisor provide some insight into the local nightlife. Also, many larger cities have a city website. City websites often highlight the best local attractions and nightlife along with other areas the city is known for and current happenings.

Are you someone who loves the outdoors? Look into hiking trails, walking & biking paths, local parks, beaches, and seasonal outdoor activities. When making a long distance move to the mountains, it's easy to recognize that you'll likely want to partake in winter sports activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Similarly, it's easy to understand that a cross country mover going to the coast of California would naturally want to participate in water activities such as surfing, boating, and swimming. Although this seems obvious, there are plenty of North American cities that are not as clear-cut in their available activities. These cities require a little research to see what's readily available.

Remember that a cross country moving company can also help you move those big recreational vehicles such as boats, sea-doos, and motorcycles. True Friends Moving Company is a professional long distance moving company familiar with towing recreational vehicles. We help advise on best practices and provide a reasonable moving quote with additional moving insurance to cover your beloved belongings in transit.

Local cuisine and coffee shops - If you are a hardcore foodie, make sure your area has a wide variety of foods to satiate your pallet. You don't want to be moving cross country to find out you're now missing out on what you love most. If you are big on coffee and tea, make certain your new place has new and trendy coffee houses. For us foodies, your long distance mover shouldn't take you anyplace that doesn't have a variety of the styles of food you love. Foursquare and Yelp are great at helping interstate movers interested in food reviews. It can be exciting to see if your new city is known for any particular style of cuisine. New Orleans is known for creole cuisine, while Memphis has outstanding barbecue, for example. International moving has many exciting things in store. What will you be eating next?

2 - What is the Cost of Living? The cost of living should include not only how much travel, food, and housing costs but also taxes, entertainment, the job market pay scale, and healthcare.

Check out the housing prices and tax rates. Be sure to look for tax-free opportunities if moving a business cross country. wrote, What Part of Moving Expenses Are Deductible to a Company? True Friends Moving Company are both office movers and household moving experts. Our commercial cross country moving service is adaptable to fit your business needs. Whether you need complete or partial packing service, we'll be there to make your moving day go smoothly and quickly for all involved. Speak to a commercial mover and discover how True Friends Moving Company can get your business back up and running anywhere you want to be.

Does your pay scale match what you need to move into town? Assess what you are currently making and what the same position in a new city makes. You'll also want to look at the city's unemployment rate and the likelihood of getting a job in your industry.

Healthcare costs are particularly significant if you're moving and do not have health insurance benefits at the new location. Look into the average healthcare costs for sick visits, general checkups, and any necessary healthcare you currently require. Don't forget dental visits and eye care also.

Traffic will be discussed below but don't forget to factor in your commute expenses and parking. All these factors together give you the actual cost of living and help you find the correct city for the perfect cross country move.

3 - What is the Crime Rate? One of the things many people consider is how safe the area they're moving to is. After all, the crime rate could be one of the most important statistics for the safety of you and your loved ones. There are several helpful websites to obtain crime statistics and the types of crimes in the area. All cities have crime, but naturally, some have more than others. Singles and families with small children often seek safer cities with less crime. Before moving, use NeighborhoodScout to assess the crime index of your preferred city, and SpotCrime provides what types of crimes are taking place. Families may also use Family Watchdog, which lists convicted sex offenders.

Once you have decided on your destination, take a moment to map out your local police, fire department, hospitals, and schools. Pinning these in your smartphone saves a lot of grief and stress in the event something happens. Being cautious is always preferred over being unprepared.

School districts seem to go hand and hand with the crime rate. We all want our kids in the top schools. These are often in the lower crime sections. Use to check the national school rating to compare local schools' performance levels.

4 - Know the Traffic Patterns and Transportation Costs. When considering what cities to live in, traffic and transportation may become a forgotten cost. Yet, throughout the United States, cities have different modes of transportation that are naturally more conducive to their environment. Before you start packing, do some preliminary transportation investigations. You'll definitely want to know how your daily commute to work will run. Are you driving, and how far is the commute? Is traffic an absolute nightmare guaranteeing you'll spend hours in gridlock each morning, or is it a nice smooth ride to work on open roads? Getting these answers may save you quite a few headaches.

Further, some cities have an interconnected public transit system making travel around the city relatively straightforward and affordable. While still, other cities are highly walkable. A close-knit city grid means walking to work may be your best option. Either way, your traffic, and commute are something you'll need to deal with daily. So, it's good to know what you're getting into ahead of time. Consider how much it's going to cost, how long it will take, and if it's worth it.

For car drivers, Google maps can assist with traffic alerts and driving directions. Similarly, for public transportation, most mass transit authorities have an online feature that provides route details, including train switches or bus transfers. These are perfect resources to research what your daily commute looks like prior to your moving truck rolling out and being surprised by any local transportation difficulties. Don't forget to do the commuter math and calculate gas prices and public transportation costs into your budget for the ideal city living situation.

5 - Are There Severe Weather Concerns in Your Chosen City? During relocation, most people concern themselves with the weather on moving day for the safety of their belongings. Yet, knowing the seasonal weather concerns for the area can be a much larger factor. For example, families with small children may have a harder time with places that see evacuation from time to time. Likewise, younger couples may find it difficult to recover from storm damage while struggling to get a footing in the new city. Check out the local weather concerns for any severe seasonal storms and the city's protocols that come along with them.

Our Final Thoughts For Moving Cross Country.

Check out the neighborhoods you're interested in and make certain they fit your particular needs. Moving isn't all about packing and moving costs. It's finding a place you can truly call home. The more you explore, the more comfortable you'll be when the big day arrives, and the moving trucks start rolling out. If feasible, it's always preferable to visit the new city before making up your mind.

Moving to a new city is often overwhelming. Doing preliminary research on your city can reduce your natural uneasy feelings. Please use our moving tips to get familiar with your new hometown. We'll get you thinking like a local in no time. Then call True Friends Moving Company, and we'll get you a moving quote for cross country moving services. True Friends Moving Company are professional movers you can trust to get your belongings wherever you call home.

We hope this article helped provide the resources needed to find your next city. After True Friends Moving Company enables you to pick out which city fits you best, come back and read our secrets on how to pack quickly and how to reduce the stress of moving.