Essential Winter Moving Tips from Local Nashville Movers

Tips for moving to a winter season

Moving is already a stressful event, but with the added element of lousy winter weather, it can be a downright miserable experience. To help you reduce the amount of stress that comes with moving and keep your items safe, we have compiled a list of winter moving tips from our expert movers.


Check the Weather

Weather can wreak havoc on your move. While True Friends Moving Company will move you in any weather, whether there's rain, sleet, or hail, it can still put your items in danger.

Keep an eye on the weather all week leading up to your move; that way, you're prepared for whatever wrench mother nature tries to throw in moving your plans.

Check the Utilities at the New House

There's no worse start to a new home than walking in during the winter and finding out there is no heat or lighting. Make sure that you have all of the utilities at your new home turned on and working at least two days before making your move.

Organize and Label Boxes

Make your move as fast and easy as possible by organizing your things into labeled boxes. Preparing for the move by packing things into labeled boxes will cut down on the number of trips you have to make in and out of the house and eliminate some of the stress of moving.


Cover the Floors

Moving involves a lot of trips in and out of your house, which can track in a ton of dirt. By placing some cheap plastic tarps over your carpets and floors, you can keep your home safe and clean.

Keep Sheets, Towels, and Blankets Ready

Even the most beautiful weather can quickly turn sour, which is why it is crucial to have coverings for your items. By having sheets, towels, and blankets at the ready, you can make sure your movers have the means to keep your things protected from the environment.


Bubble Wrap Fragile Items

A cold weather move can make your fragile items even more vulnerable, so you should double wrap them with bubble wrap to keep them safe during the moving process. This will also keep your things safe if inclement weather has made the conditions slippery and potentially causes someone to fall.

Keep Electronics Warm

Electronics and cold weather do not mix. Your best bet for keeping your gadgets in working order is to pack them all into one or two boxes and transport them in your car with you; this way, you can keep them in a temperature-controlled environment.

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