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At True Friends Moving Company, we believe that our moving services are only as good as our moving crews. Our people—the True Friends—make up the backbone of our company and help us stand apart from the rest. We employ a large team of diverse individuals, of all whom are skilled movers and a commitment to our core principles of integrity, intellect, and hard work. Our team comprises all different types of individuals from all corners of the globe with a vast array of interests, from sports to art to music and more.

From our early days, we’ve built our company on athleticism and teamwork. We believe that a strong crew means better movers and better moving services. With this in mind, we offer free gym memberships for all our employees and encourage our team to stay healthy and fit. Our founder and our entire team has a true appreciation for the rewards of hard, honest work, camaraderie, and team-building.

Get to know some of the members of our team below and, when you need moving services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (855) 806-4849!

Chris Knowles


Originally from the state of Georgia, Chris got his start in the moving industry in high school when he began working part-time for a local moving company. He continued to work for the same moving company throughout college, all while working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. It was during this time that he first held the dream of one day owning his own company. After college, Chris accepted a job in corporate sales for a Fortune 500 Company. Though he was climbing the corporate ladder, Chris never forgot his dream of business ownership. Ultimately, after much soul-searching, he realized that his passions lied with building his own brand—not working toward someone else’s dream. Thus, True Friends Moving Company was born. With equal parts hard work and commitment, the company has grown to be one of the area’s top movers, recognized by Angie’s List and others.

  • Inside the Office: Chris is in charge of all day-to-day operations, from networking to sales. He also oversees our various departments, including billing, payroll, human resources, and move preparation.
  • Outside the Office: When he’s not working, Chris enjoys spending his free time with his wife, Tara, and their dog, Chopper, as well as his friends. He also enjoys exercising, traveling, investing, and reading, especially personal development books. Chris is also a member of the River of Life Church.

Daniel Strand

Crew Leader

Originally from Puerto Rico, Daniel brings a vibrant, fun energy to the True Friends Moving Company team. A former high school football and wrestling team captain, Daniel has had valuable leadership qualities from a young age. As a crew leader, he is a huge asset to our team.

  • Inside the Office: Daniel’s duties include everything from organizing a team of movers, to driving the truck, to keeping up motivation and morale. Daniel is known around the office for stepping up to major challenges that would have intimidated lesser leaders. Instead of backing down, Daniel has shown time and time again that he is willing to step up to meet large challenges head-on.
  • Outside the Office: When he’s not working, Daniel enjoys working on his fitness, lifting weights, and staying healthy. He also loves spending time, laughing, and having a great time with his girlfriend and family and is a member of the River of Life Church where he is proud to worship his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Bryan Pattarozzi

Crew Leader

Originally from the state of Georgia and raised in Cleveland, TN, Bryan has a history of teamwork and leadership. During his time at Bradley Central High School, he played basketball and football before going on to attend college at Chattahoochee Technical College. Eventually, Bryan moved to Nashville with his family. He has always maintained an exceptionally positive outlook on his life and future, and he brings that optimism and positivity to the office every day.

  • Inside the Office: At True Friends Moving Company, Bryan is responsible for running his own crew of movers. His goal is always to meet and then exceed his customers’ expectations and he loves the affirmation of a job well done more than anything. Bryan is a valuable member of the True Friends Moving Company team and is always quick to return customer calls or inquiries.
  • Outside the Office: When he’s not working, Bryan loves spending his free time with his family, or simply being outdoors, playing basketball, or traveling. His favorite hobby is working on and discussing cars. He is also a member of Joy Church in Mt. Juliet, TN.

What Our Friends Are Saying

  • "The movers were very careful with my things, and I appreciated that they took the time to wrap everything up since it was raining."

    - Kelly

  • "As a real estate agent our world revolves around people in the midst of moving from one place to another. Since we know moves can be stressful on our clients we want to recommend the best movers in the business–and that is True Friends."

    - Morris

  • "None of the companies were even close to my experience with True friends – the entire package was just perfect – attitude, efficiency, speed, price (worth every penny)."

    - Leonardo

  • "Your customer service is truly outstanding. As you know I have been a long time client of True Friends. It is very obvious that your customer care is extremely important to you."

    - Marcie

  • "FANTASTIC! They were on time, courteous, helpful and professional. They were all the nicest guys and did a fantastic job wrapping all the furniture and making sure to take care when moving all the items."

    - Josh

  • "From top to bottom, best moving crew I have ever encountered. Your company should consider themselves lucky to have such nice, polite, strong, and professional men working for them. I would call them again in a second!"

    - Beth

  • "Getting it done"

    - Chris Seymour

  • "They were a pleasure!! You have great people working for you which must mean that you choose good people and treat them well. I wish a lot more companies used your methods."

    - Janet

  • "They were professional and had a great attitude throughout the whole job. Also, thank you for the reasonable pricing."

    - Courtney

  • "Thank you for the wonderful service on both ends of this move. Everything went very smoothly, and each person – phone staff, crew leaders, and movers – rates an A+ in my book."

    - Marie

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Travis Spicer

Crew Leader

A Tennessee native and graduate of Mt. Juliet High School where he was on the wrestling team, Travis is a huge asset to the True Friends Moving Company team. Around the office, Travis is known for his unique ability to make any move, no matter how big or small, seamless. He always welcomes a challenge and never backs down from even the most complicated jobs.

  • Inside the Office: At True Friends Moving Company, Travis heads up his own moving crew. He always has a smile on his face, even when it comes to the long, complex moves. He’s also known for his immense attention to detail and is a packing perfectionist.
  • Outside the Office: Nothing means more to Travis than his daughter and his family. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones and loves meeting new people. He is also a member of The River Church and works out at the gym or watches sports with his friends whenever he can.

Nathan Loy

Crew Leader

Originally from Columbia, MO, Nathan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and obtained certification as a personal trainer. After college, he wanted adventure. After a lot of prayer, Nathan felt God calling him to Nashville. After moving here, he joined the True Friends Moving Company team.

  • Inside the Office: Nathan leads a crew of movers and is committed to tackling any challenge that comes his way. He handles a wide variety of large and small, simple and complex moving jobs throughout the area. He brings a positive, outgoing, and energetic vibe to the team and is known for never backing down from a challenge.
  • Outside the Office: When he’s not working, Nathan enjoys meeting new people, traveling, working out, hanging out with his friends, and discovering new music. He is committed to helping others accomplish their goals.


True Friend & Mascot

Chopper is an English-American Bulldog mix and the mascot of True Friends Moving Company. A loyal companion and true friend to all, Chopper lives a great life. He is always ready to greet everyone with a wag of his tail and is happy to come and go as he pleases through his very own doggie door. Around the office, Chopper gets along with everyone.

  • Inside the Office: Chopper acts as our resident mascot and man’s best friend. He is always ready to play and provides valuable companionship to those in the office.
  • Outside the Office: Chopper is always happy to see everyone. He enjoys spending his free time playing fetch and tug-o-war, napping, and lounging around the house. His favorite foods are peanuts and peanut butter and he loves playing with his family, kids, and going to dog-friendly charity events around town.

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