Moving Services and Moving Tips To Reduce the Stress of Moving Day?

Family having fun moving into their new home.

Moving Services and Moving Tips To Reduce the Stress of Moving Day?

Moving is known to be one of the most highly stressful circumstances. As a matter of fact, moving is one of the top five most stressful things a person endures in their lifetime. There are many steps one can take to reduce your stress levels and help the move go smoothly. First, take a moment to evaluate your stress and recognize you can do things to improve your mental health. Here are our moving tips and suggested moving services to relieve your worry, strain, and undo stress.

Give yourself time to plan the upcoming move.

Moving comes with many items you'll need to investigate and change over. After you decide where you're going to live, numerous items need to happen to move successfully. Give yourself ample time to look into things and tackle a few each day until you've accounted for all the basics. Don't over-encumber yourself when you have time. Everything from finding the right moving company, switching your utility service, and investigating what school district you want takes time to prepare. You'll also need to confirm your new living arrangements, house, or apartment are ready for the move-in date. Start these things as soon as possible to get them off your plate.

Some of your mental stressors can be relieved with proper research. Researching the new area helps you become comfortable with fresh and unknown surroundings. If you are nervous about crime or moving out for the first time, map out where your new local police, fire, and hospitals are. Pin them on your phone. Another possible contention for high stress is the traffic. If moving into a high-traffic area, research the traffic, highways, and most importantly, the best route to your new job. Also, don't forget to check on parking and vehicle restrictions for your moving truck.

Start packing early. Packing comes with numerous tips, but the best moving tips focus on how to pack efficiently. Start early and pack everything you won't need until after the move. Begin in the least used room of the house. A packing timetable will help keep you on schedule so you don't get behind and end up stress-packing the night before.

Plan for the kids and animals to leave the house on moving day.

Having small children and animals with you on moving day may cause severe stress. Plan to have them stay with family or a sitter until the final moments before leaving the old location. For a local move, consider boarding pets and picking them up the following day. Small children and animals can get in the way and cause an accident. Also, with the doors being open frequently, it is hard to keep animals inside, and small children may be at high risk of wandering off.

Additionally, crating an animal or placing animals in an empty room while moving commences may cause the animal unneeded stress. Hearing all the commotion and smells makes our furry friends tense up or become rambunctious. It's easier on you and your animals to keep them away for as long as possible.

If you have kids, they may be having stress also. Therefore, if the area you're moving to is close, visit it with them and explore it. Find some kid-friendly things they might enjoy. If you're making a cross-country move, explore the area virtually with them before the upcoming move. Get online together and spend some time discussing with them some of the things in the area they may enjoy. As a kid having an idea of what to expect when you get there can be very helpful. Just like adults, kids have trouble with change and with uncertainties. Giving them a solid idea of what they can expect reduces stress and places them at ease.

Also, it's a good idea to unpack the kid's rooms after any nonessentials. Unpacking their rooms first will help them settle in and keep them occupied while you're unpacking. Advise the moving company which kids' rooms are whose and let the kids in as soon as the movers are out. Remember that their new room will be a big step in their move.

Plan ahead for your meals during the moving process.

In moving day commotion figuring out where and how your meal times will come can add significant undue stress. This stress is easily avoidable. Find out when your moving day begins and plan your meals accordingly. If you are moving to a new area or are on a state-to-state move, research the new place and pick a few close-by restaurants. Plan on going out to dinner before the moving truck arrives with your belongings or after unloading the truck. Give yourself a necessary break between unloading and unpacking anything. Make certain if you're eating beforehand that you plan enough time to return before the truck arrives. Taking this time to step away from moves rejuvenates your emotional health, and eating supports your overall body's energy supply.

Hiring professional moving services to help you.

Hiring professional movers reduces a lot of stress. If you'd like additional help learning how to hire a moving company, read our blog: How to move to another state - choosing a long distance moving company. First, you eliminate the discomfort of asking and relying on family to pitch in on moving day. You also eliminate the possibility of an injury occurring during heavy furniture moves. A moving company has insurance in the event someone gets hurt, but if you have friends and family help, you may be left riddled with guilt if something goes wrong. Consider if your father-in-law pulls his back out on moving day. Now you're not only out the extra mover but also at risk of someone else taking on too much burden and increasing the possibility of further injuries. Additionally, you're likely stuck with guilt that someone got injured during the moving day process.

Professional movers also help with packing. Getting professional movers to pack your belongings reduces stress during moving day. It gives you peace of mind that your belongings are packed correctly and covered under moving insurance. Paying a bit extra for additional insurance is also a wise choice to relieve concerns about possible damages.

Moves that involve specialty items often require specialty moving services or expert packing services. Such items as a piano, pool table, or priceless art require additional care. You can find piano movers and pool table movers throughout TX; you can also ask your local movers at True Friends Moving Company for recommendations on specialty items and professional, trustworthy packing service.

Know what your moving company will not move.

No one wants to be unpleasantly surprised by finding out on moving day that your movers cannot move some of your belongings. True Friends Moving Company does not transport live plants, animals, checks & important documents, firearms, jewelry, cash, aerosols, perishable foods, liquids, and anything combustible, such as paint. Specialty items such as those mentioned above and expensive art may be third-party crated and shipped. Plan to have room in your personal vehicle for any objects the moving company cannot help transport.

In a long distance move, pack an overnight bag.

When facing a long day of moving and a mountain of boxes in the new home, it becomes vital to have essential items for the evening and the following morning. More likely than not, you will be exhausted from the move, and searching through boxes to find your toothbrush and toothpaste is cause for... you guessed it, high stress. Packing a simple overnight bag ensures you have everything needed for the evening and to start your next morning at the new place without needing to unpack a single box. Want a personal extra tip? See if there's a local coffee house nearby and start your morning of unpacking slowly. Get a nice cup of joe and enjoy a morning moment in your new city. You made it - congratulations. It's time to breathe.

The entire move is long and difficult. Give yourself and the kids a break.

Moving day is a day to go easy on the rules. Let the kids have all the extra screen time they need. Relax on usual chores and expectations. Don't forget to remind them what a great job they're doing. As for adults, take the day off the diet and skip the gym. You can easily return to normal in a day or two. In the meantime, relax just a bit and remember to give yourselves a break. Acknowledging the stress, everyone is feeling, and the fact that each of you will express it differently is a critical step in keeping those stress levels down. Remember to take breaks to allow everyone time to recharge their mental batteries.

Getting to know the community is incredibly helpful on a long distance move.

Once you've moved in, give yourself a day to walk around town and see it for yourself. Introduce yourself to neighbors and look for ways to become active in the community. The sooner you feel involved, the more natural it will be to accept the new location as your new home. Make a point to seek out some of the activities and routines you enjoyed before relocation. For example, if you did yoga every morning, look into a few yoga studios and local gyms. If you love to paint or have a reading group, seek out what the new area offers for these activities or similar choices. And, if you are a sports fan, go to the local arenas and grab a hometown schedule. You may just find a new team to begin rooting for.

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Thank you for reading all of our tips for moving. We hope these tips help make this transition a positive experience. Remember moving into a new home is also exciting. So, enjoy your new adventure!