Comprehensive Guide to Moving During the Holidays

family getting ready to move during the holidays

The holidays are a chaotic time, so we understand the added stressors for those who are moving during the holiday season! You may feel a bit overwhelmed if you need to pack up and move, all while trying to celebrate the winter holidays. Our team at True Friends Moving Company is here to share tips that we hope will make your holiday move easier!

The Preparation Period

A lot of preparation goes into moving. But a lot of preparation also goes into the holidays. Take time now to sit down and flesh out your plans for the next several weeks before your move. Ideally, you want to give yourself about a month to pack your belongings. If you are already past that timeline, don’t worry! At True Friends Moving Company, we offer packing services.

You may also need to sit down and plan for your holiday obligations. Add as many important dates as possible into your calendar ahead of time. It goes without saying that if you’re in the process of a move, it’s probably best that someone else hosts your family’s holiday dinners! Ultimately, you may decide that there are some festivities you’ll need to miss this year to ensure your move goes smoothly.


The holiday season is expensive. You may need to budget less for gifts this year to afford your moving costs. Your loved ones will understand. Or, you may choose to postpone your holiday gifting until you have finished your move and settled in. In any case, it’s important to look at your finances and account for the costs of moving during the holidays.

What to Pack Away

It’s essential to keep some key items out of the packing boxes during your holiday move. For example, you’ll want to keep a snow shovel and other winter essentials handy in case of bad weather. You may also choose to specifically pack and label your holiday decorations so that they are easily accessible and ready to be used right when you get to your new place.

Donate What You Don’t Need

There is no better time of year for donations than the holiday season. Instead of struggling with how to pack things you haven’t used in years, donate them instead. Some places will even pick up donations, so you don’t have to worry about dropping them off.

Managing Your Children’s Needs

For some children, moving is challenging and emotional. This can be amplified if you are moving over the holidays and they feel they aren’t having a traditional holiday experience. Try to do what you can to make time for some holiday traditions so they still feel the magic.

It’s also important to consider your children’s needs when they return to school. If they are changing school districts, ensure you keep track of their essential records and know exactly where they are packed. You don’t want to lose these, as it could ultimately delay their ability to get started at school.

Hire a Moving Company

Working with a moving company truly is priceless. They can handle nearly every aspect of your move so you can relax and enjoy the holidays. Be sure to contact the company early, as the holiday is a busy season for everyone. Confirm their availability and set up an official appointment as soon as possible.

The Greatest Gift of All: True Friends Moving Company

Treat yourself to professional movers to handle your holiday move. Don’t let the stress of moving tarnish the joy of the holidays. Our team is here to assist you and make your move as easy as possible, no matter the time of year. Get a free quote today; reach us at (615) 240-2811.