Local Moving Companies Give Tips on How to Save Money Moving.

Save Money On Your Next Move

Local Moving Companies Give Tips on How to Save Money Moving.

Listen up, Nashville! Moving is expensive - we have tips to help save money moving. Whether it's a local move in Nashville, an interstate move to Knoxville, Memphis, or anywhere in Tennessee, you may have a long-distance or state-to-state move. Anyway you look at it, moving costs are high. You'll need some money saving tips for moving. True Friends Moving Company is among your local moving companies in TN that help you learn how to save money moving. Every move is different; let's see where you can save.

The expense of hiring local moving services varies, but local moving companies often charge by the hour. Finding every opportunity to save money moving helps absorb some of the financial burdens.

Purging is critical to saving money on moving costs.

Purging is an immense chore that no homeowner is enthusiastic about dealing with. But, if you dedicate yourself to a solid letting-go process, you can save considerable money on moving expenses. For local moves, you reduce the time both loading and unloading the trucks. Plus, if you purge a large number of items, you'll likely also cut down on the number of movers needed and possibly the number of trucks necessary, further decreasing your spending. For large purges you may want to consider renting a dumpster. Decluttering those unused items is not easy, but it's well worth the savings. Sometimes elderly have issues letting go of their belongings. Try our guide, Tips for Moving Senior Citizens With the Best Moving Companies.

Get rid of all your unwanted belongings. Good things to consider getting rid of are clothing not worn in years, items still in storage, and any duplicates, especially if you're moving in with someone. After all, no one needs two crock pots or 16 pieces of cookware. Some donation centers in Nashville, TN, offer free pickup for oversized items. A great way to start is by getting the new home's floor plan and doorway measurements. Sell any furniture that will no longer fit in the new location. Consider also letting go of outdated electronics, older appliances, and other items that are losing value. Likewise, contemplate donating or selling older and cheap furniture. If you have several pieces, debate replacing inexpensive items for purchasing new things after the move. Not only is it likely to save you money, but buying new items that fit your new home's decor helps you enjoy the moving experience.

See value savings by scheduling your moving day.

You may have done all your cost of living research and are ready to move, but did you think about when is the best time to move? Schedule your moving day on a weekday and off-season whenever possible. If you have any flexibility in your schedule, plan on moving during the week; this is one of the simplest ways to reduce your moving costs. The middle of the month may also reduce the costs further. Additionally, if you can hold off moving day, schedule your move between October and April to gain additional savings on off-season deals. Most people like to move in the summer for convenience and better weather. So, although you may not have enough flexibility to pick the month you're moving, always aim for mid-month and a weekday to reduce cost. Customers find they may save nearly 20% to 30% on the move.

Alternatives to buying moving supplies.

Before you buy moving supplies, take a tally of what you already have that you can use for packing. Using linens, sheets, and towels to help protect your items is simple savings. Also, make use of luggage, baskets, hampers, laundry baskets, and even dresser drawers. Baskets and drawers can be filled and shrink-wrapped to hold the contents. Don't underestimate twine. Tie shoe boxes, board games, and other flat items together. Twine saves on additional boxes inside other boxes and often acts as an easy-to-carry handle. Soft items such as stuffed animals, pillows, and clothing can go inside garbage bags. Bags fit easily into spaces on the moving truck that boxes won't.

For any supplies, you need to purchase, take a moment to find out which stores have the cheapest packing supplies. Amazon.com has some supplies generally more affordable than the chain stores. In contrast, Home Depot and Lowes regularly supply other items for less. Also, don't forget to check your neighborhood discount supply stores.

Gather as many free boxes as possible for packing.

Finding free boxes comes in many options. So take a bit of time and gather as many as possible. Be certain your free boxes are only gently used and are still very sturdy. Otherwise, they may cause damage to your items, costing you more in headaches and replacements. Accumulating free boxes can save you hundreds of dollars depending on the size of your move. Seek free packing boxes from online marketplaces such as Craigslist, Offerup, Freecycle, Nextdoor.com, and Letgo. Often people who just moved give these away for free as long as you pick them up ASAP. Also, ask friends and family to drop you any boxes they come by. Friends and family may even drop in a few moving supplies they have lying around, like stacks of old newspapers or some bubble wrap.

Online is the best resource, but if you'd like to make a quick call to grocery stores, and schools, they can tell you when to pick up their next batch. Make sure you're on time because they don't stick around long. Remember, if the boxes appear damaged or flimsy, moving companies provide quality boxes and packing materials to protect your belongings better. Saving money is great, but ensuring your items get where they need to go is by far the most important.

If you need specialty moving boxes such as flatscreen TV or large art boxes, ask the online marketplace traders if they have them. If so, make an offer reasonably below average retail cost. They may be willing to let go of those too, rather than store them in a garage for years.

Consider a hybrid move to save money moving.

A hybrid move could save you considerable cash if your option is paying a moving company by the pound. Rent a cheap van, truck, or even a moving pod if it makes sense. Pack everything you can move to the new location yourself to save money. Leave the furniture, appliances, oversized items, and heavy lifting to the professional moving team. Also, leave anything that needs to be disassembled and reassembled. Do you need a professional mover's advice on packing? Read how to pack quickly and safely.

If paying by the pound is your option, ask the moving company for two quotes, one with everything included and the other just the furniture and heavy lifting. This easy comparison shows how much you'll save with a hybrid move solution. Remember to assess if it's truly worth your time and effort before you decide.

If you are considering a hybrid move, ask the local movers if they have an hourly minimum. Most movers have a minimum of 3 hours. Make sure you give them enough work to cover their time. Leave disassembly and wrapping of the furniture to the paid professionals.

Know your residential moving services contract. Details can amount to big savings.

Sometimes reading through the extra charges can help you find other easy ways to avoid costs. For example, if you have stairs in the old home or the new location, be aware that some moving companies charge extra for stairs. Choose a local moving company like True Friends Moving Company that does not have a stairs upcharge. Other common upcharges may be homes with a particularly difficult driveway or access point. The moving truck may need to park elsewhere and drive a smaller moving van, unloading the truck in multiple trips. This fee is called a "shuttle service charge." A similar charge, the 'long carry", may be applied for extra long walkways or loading through the backdoor. Thus, some local moving services charge extra for these roles. It is also wise to look over any contract to ensure you don't receive charges for any residential moving services not required in your move.

Be wise about preparing food. Eating out increases moving costs quickly.

One mistake people often make when moving is not planning their meals during the moving process. Not preparing food forces you to eat out following the move or exhausts you with shopping. On top of unpacking and rearranging your new home, no one needs this extra stress. Eating out is expensive, and feeding an entire family becomes a highly unnecessary expense. With some wise food preparation and forethought, you're sure to save a bundle in unnecessary food expenditure for the big day and the days immediately following relocation.

Use everything you can from your freezer in the few weeks preceding the move. For moving day, keep it simple or well prepared. Think pizza or pasta. Things such as casserole or roasts are also great options because they require only one pan for the entire meal. Just be sure you have the slicing, dicing, and seasoning done beforehand. Put it all in an oversized freezer bag and keep it chilled in a cooler during the move. Sitting down to a nice meal after moving and some unpacking is a pleasant way to relax, and all come together again. Have a couple of simple meals prepared for the next day or two. Don't forget breakfast. No one wants to wake up and not be able to find something to eat before starting another arduous day of unpacking. If ever there is a time to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these few days are the ideal time. Having these few meals well prepared saves your wallet from inflated eating-out charges.

Be well prepared for the movers on moving day.

Your local mover most likely charges by the hour in a local move. A quick way to save money moving is to have it organized and prepared for when the movers arrive. Make sure to have clear pathways and nothing blocking the halls or entrances. Use a room near the front door to store packed boxes. Taking advantage of an ideal location near the door will reduce the time loading the moving trucks. If you have stairs in your house, try to have all your boxes already moved down to the first floor. Leave the heavy lifting to a professional moving team.

Of course, enlisting the help of family and friends is always a good idea. When afforded that option, have a packing party with a few friends and a couple of pizzas. Enlisting their help will be far cheaper on your moving funds than professional moving services. Your friends at True Friends Moving Company are still happy to help with the heavy lifting or help with the packing if friends can't help or flake out on you.

Take advantage of customer service when offering new account specials. Cancel your utilities, cable, phone, and whatever subscriptions you can. Benefit by opening new accounts and using special offers for new customers at your new location. Speak to your utility companies about waiving installation or activation fees on a local move. Sometimes these fees may be waived if you've been a long-time customer. Whereas many cable, phone, and internet services often present introductory offers that you may take advantage of opening up new accounts.

Tax deductions may apply when moving for work.

We have one final note about money saving tips for moving. If moving due to your job, check with the IRS to see if you qualify for a 3903 claim. This form could save money come tax season. A 3903 claim allows taxpayers to deduct moving expenses when moving for work reasons. These tax breaks are particularly handy for long distance work relocation moves.

Local moving expenses. Which moving solution works for you?

We understand that moving is an expensive process. True Friends Moving Company is happy to provide helpful advice to save money and support you in enjoying the moving experience. Each move is different, and not everything works for everyone's situation. Knowing some money saving options allow you to make the best decisions that impact your moving budget and moving resources. No matter where you are, we hope this article helps you find the best solutions that fit your particular moving needs. Please take a look at all our moving services. Enjoy your money savings, and when you're ready to speak to moving professionals in Nashville, TN, call True Friends Moving Company. We have your best interests at heart for every move you make. Let's get you packing.