How to Protect Your Floors When Moving

Stacked boxes ready for moving

Moving is a time-consuming, frustrating process, so the last thing you want is more stress, which is what may happen if you aren’t careful. When moving, it is common to focus on simply getting your stuff out of the old house and into the new house, and unfortunately, during the rush, you may end up damaging the floors. Whether it’s in the old house or the new house, damages to the floor during the moving process can end up being an expensive mistake. Here are a few tips to protect the floors and help prevent damage during the moving process.

Prevent Dents

One of the quickest ways to damage a floor is by dropping a heavy item. The best way to prevent accidents is to be prepared well before moving day arrives. Make sure you have all of the packing supplies you need beforehand, which should include sturdy boxes, old towels, bubble wrap and/or newspapers to wrap breakables. It is also necessary to know your limits; trying to lift or carry heavy, awkward items can result in them being dropped, which will dent or scratch floors. If a box is too heavy or too awkward to carry alone, ask for help or use a dolly.

Cover the Floors

If you have hardwood flooring, it is best to cover the entire floor before moving the furniture. There are several different ways to accomplish this, such as breaking cardboard boxes down and laying them flat on the floor. Whether you have hardwood, carpeting or tile, some easy ways to protect the floors while moving include:

  • Using rubber runners
  • Laying thick blankets down (be sure to secure to avoid slipping)
  • Use sheets of plywood

Lift Furniture

Whether you use a dolly or your body strength, furniture should never be dragged across the floor. If you don’t have access to a dolly, consider placing furniture sliders under the furniture to help slide it across the floor without dragging it. Wood floors can also be damaged if a heavy item is dropped, so use caution when lifting and moving items such as lamps, heavy vases, and television sets. Consider covering small, but bulky items with a towel or small blanket to prevent denting the floor if the item is dropped.

Use Doormats

Dirt, snow, and slush can quickly stain and damage floors, so if the weather is bad, place a doormat at each entrance and encourage everyone to use it. Along with doormats, consider placing carpet remnants at the entrance of each room in your home and leave them there until the move is complete. This will reduce the risk of ice and other debris being tracked from room to room and potentially scratching wood floors and snagging carpets.

One of the easiest ways as well as the most efficient ways to protect your floors while moving is to use a professional moving company to do the work for you. Professional movers have the appropriate equipment to safely get your furniture from one residence to another, without damaging the floors. Not only is using professional movers the easiest way to prevent damage to the flooring, but it also relieves you of the stress that comes with packing, unpacking and transporting all of your belongings when you move.

To bypass the risk of damaging floors, contact us at True Friends Moving to do the “lifting” for you.