How to Pack Moving Boxes Like an Expert

Man taping moving boxes

Moving boxes are indispensable for organizing your belongings and keeping smaller items together for transportation to your new home. Pack these cardboard containers like an expert by following these simple tips.

Pick the Correct Box Size

A correctly sized box is big enough to hold whatever you want to pack but still sturdy and light enough to move efficiently. Reserve large boxes for lighter items such as linens, stuffed animals, or pillows. Heavier items such as books or tools should go only in small boxes. If you put heavy items in a big box, not only will it be difficult to move but the bottom may tear open when the box is lifted.

Load the Box Correctly

Put heavier and larger items in first so they sit at the bottom of the box and then put lighter items toward the top. Be sure to pack the interior in such a way that when the box is lifted, it feels balanced. Remember, do not mix items from different rooms in the same box; unpacking will go much more smoothly if everything is from the same room. Avoid empty spaces within the box, or smaller items may rattle around during the move and possibly break. Use paper, towels, clothing, or packing peanuts to fill in any gaps. If you are loading the truck yourself, put heavier boxes in first toward the front, so the vehicle remains balanced.

Label Each Box

Label each box with your name so it can easily be returned to you if it gets separated from the other boxes. Add the name of the room to which the box belongs and its contents. Movers then know which room to drop off the box and how to handle it based on what it contains. Adding a number will help you keep track of your boxes, especially if you can put them on a list that’s either on a piece of paper or your smartphone. You can then check off each box as it is unloaded to ensure that all your possessions have arrived at your new home.

Be Careful of Breakables

Packing all breakables together ensures that they all receive the same special treatment, especially if you mark the box as “fragile.” Wrap each dish in packing paper and then wrap five or six together with more packing paper. Put dishes into the box on their sides instead of flat with more padding at the top and bottom. Stack cups and bowls together with paper in between and wrap each bundle of three and four in more paper. For more protection, pack all these breakables in dish-barrel boxes.

Packing your boxes properly will help your possessions reach their destination on time and undamaged. If you need more packing advice, require sturdy moving boxes and containers, or want to get started with us right away in planning your move, please contact True Friends Moving Company today!