National Moving Month Kicks Off Moving Season in May

Family having fun while unpacking boxes

The weather has turned nicer and more and more people are looking to move. National Moving Month, slated for May, expects to see an influx of relocations thanks to several factors. Keep reading to find out move about National Moving Month and some tips to help with your next move.

Why People Move in May

Ahh, warmer weather makes it a great time to move! Here are just a few of the reasons why people choose to move during May:

  • A bump in the economy. This has put more money in the pockets of consumers, making relocation possible.
  • Lower unemployment rates. As unemployment rates continue to drop, more and more companies are offering incentives (like moving costs) to bring in the qualified help they need.
  • An increase in temperatures nationwide. Who wants to move during the harsh winter or rainy spring months? Summer is the best time to plan a big move.
  • Freer schedules as schools let out for summer vacation. It can be difficult to uproot children during the school year. As classes wind down, more and more people make relocation plans

May marks the beginning of the moving season, according to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), who has marked it as “National Moving Month.” But, with the increase in people moving, comes its own challenges. That is why it is so important to plan ahead, stresses the moving experts at True Friend Moving Company. These tips and tricks can get you started.

Plan Ahead

No matter when you move, it is important to plan weeks (or even months) in advance. Long distance relocations take the most time and effort to coordinate, but even a short move across town takes a little planning. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • Schedule your movers early. Whether you are using a small local moving company or a larger franchise mover, you need to get on their schedule early for the best date. Remember, movers only have a certain number of trucks (and employees), and when those slots are filled, they can’t help you. As soon as you have a firm moving date, schedule the date with your preferred moving company!
  • Avoid ultra-peak times. May jumpstarts the moving seasons, making it the prime time to relocate. The trouble is, a lot of other people are scheduling their move at the same time. This can leave you without the help you need. Two ways to avoid a scheduling conflict is to either move during the first two weeks of the month (everyone else is trying to move at the end of the month) or move mid-week (leaving weekends for others). Taking these off times may seem like a hassle, but it can make your move much easier and stress-free.
  • Schedule other services for another day. You may want that cable hooked up right away, but if you can schedule other service appointments for a day or two before (or after) the big move, your day will go much smoother. Movers need time and space to get everything unpacked and in place, and they can be delayed if they have to work around other service providers. Plus, having your undivided attention the day of the move can also keep the entire job on course.

Pack Carefully

Making sure all of your boxes are clearly labeled is only one way to help make your move go smoothly. Being sure to pack items securely will also eliminate accidental breakage. And don’t forget to accommodate for temperatures. If moving in the summer, it is always a good idea to pack temperature sensitive items like candles separately in case they melt. That way you don’t open a box of treasured knickknacks, only to find them ruined by melted wax oozing through the box.

Donate Your Food When You Move

One of the biggest wastes during a move is throwing out perfectly good food from the refrigerator and pantry. Instead of ditching what you don’t want to drag along to the next house, consider donating it to your local food pantry or shelter instead.

Move for Hunger is an organization that targets families who are relocating — picking up their leftover food items and delivering them to local food pantries. Last year alone, Move for Hunger collected 7.8 million pounds of food (that’s 320 moving trucks full), from households who were moving and gave it to thousands of people nationwide.

Get Professional Help

Moving from one home to another can seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Bring in a team of experts from True Friends Moving to help make your family’s relocation simple and stress-free.