Things to Know When Moving to Nashville

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Nashville is a world-class city offering a bit of something for everyone. If you are considering a move to Music City, here's what you need to know.

Living in Nashville

  • Nashville is a city on the rise, with more people moving into the city every day. This means you'll face a bit of competition for properties, but it also signifies that living conditions in the area are only going to keep getting better.
  • Locals may try to dissuade you from moving to the city. As more people move in, apartments and houses become harder to come by, so long-term residents are looking to protect their interests. This is a definite sign that the city will continue to improve and evolve for the foreseeable future.
  • Nashville focuses on repurposing older buildings, rather than condemning them. This helps to minimize urban sprawl and also creates some incredibly unique properties.
  • Jobs are plentiful in Nashville right now, both in the tourism industry and numerous other areas. Many locals joke that it is harder to find housing in the city than it is to find a job.
  • Six of the top ten for-profit hospitals in the country are located in and around Nashville, so you'll have no shortage of options when it comes to healthcare providers.

Driving in Nashville

  • Nashville is a driving city. There are public transportation options in the city, but most residents prefer to drive, as public transportation isn't as extensive as it could be. If you don't drive, you may have difficulty getting around, especially at first.
  • For the most part, the highways in the area are pretty easy to navigate. Signage is plentiful, and most of the merges aren't particularly stressful.
  • Briley Parkway isn't as quick as you might expect. There are numerous tourist attractions along the route, and traffic is common. If there is an alternate route to wherever you are going, you are probably better off taking it.

Sports, Food and the Weather in Nashville

  • The local food is incredible. Be sure to try the "hot chicken," a cayenne-peppered local favorite. First-timers should stick to medium or mild, as the hot variety is quite spicy. Barbecue and classic Southern comfort food are also common.
  • Sports lovers can rejoice because Nashville is home to professional sports teams in the NFL and NHL. Both teams are typically pretty decent, and the Predators, in particular, have been on a hot streak lately. You can also catch minor league baseball games without leaving the city.
  • Nashville experiences all four seasons each year. Summers are hot and very humid, and winters are cold. It snows about seven inches each year.

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