Should You Pack or Toss Those Liquid Cleaning Products?

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When you're in the process of moving, it's a safe bet that your cleaning supplies are working overtime! While you may not want to stash away your expensive cleaning materials early in the move, you will eventually have to get them to your new location. You certainly don't want them to spill and ruin clothing, furniture or other valuables in the process, but it doesn't make sense to toss them all out and buy new items at your new location. Here are some tips for determining whether you can safely pack or need to toss those liquid cleaning products.

Minimize the Mess

With liquid cleaners, it's safest to keep them together — preferably in a sealed or tightly closed bag. This will help stop any leaks in their tracks and ensure that all of your valuables make it to their ultimate location safely. If you decide not to keep certain products, you can often find somewhere to donate them. Pet care facilities and homeless shelters are often in need of cleaning supplies and will be delighted to take half-full bottles off your hands. Always call first to be sure they will be accepted before dropping them off. Even transporting these items to a donation facility should be done with care, such as firmly taped inside a larger bag.

Eliminate Prohibited Items

When you're using a professional moving company, there are some items that are outright prohibited from being moved. These items cannot be packed or stored within their storage or moving containers. The list includes:

  • Poisons
  • Explosives
  • Flammable gases
  • Corrosive materials
  • Toxic substances, including bleach, ammonia, lighter fluid, fertilizer, fire extinguishers and pesticides

Check Expiration Dates

As you're going through your cleaning supplies, you may find that some of them have passed their expiration date. Generally, you'll want to ensure that you're discarding any items safely. Some chemicals will require special processing through your local waste management company. This includes items such as paint, some more “toxic” cleaning products and even things such as batteries. There are a few rules of thumb that you should follow, such as never pouring items into storm sewers or pouring them on the ground.

Moving doesn't have to be a messy affair, especially when you are careful about packing liquids in a way that keeps them safe as you travel to your new location. When you need help with your move, contact True Friends Moving Company today at (615) 240-2811 or request a free quote online. Still in the mode of prepping to move? Check out these tips for scaling back so you can move into a smaller space.