How to Clean Your Fridge and Freezer Before You Move

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Prepping for a move takes some time, especially when you find all the hidden corners of dirt and grime that you want to clean up before moving. Cleaning an older refrigerator or freezer may be a challenge, as you'll first have to defrost the cooling device before you can start to clean. That means you'll need somewhere to store your expensive meats and food while you're cleaning — and making the move. Here are some suggestions to get your freezers and fridges spick n' span before you move.

Remove Items and Defrost if Needed

Some refrigerators and freezers won't need to be defrosted before you can start cleaning, but older models will require this additional step. It's good to defrost your cooling appliances every so often to cut down on the amount of ice that's being stored within the cooler, as this can actually make your devices run less efficiently (who knew?!?). You may even have to chip some ice away from the coils even after turning off the device and leaving the door open, as the ice may take longer to melt than you have time. Be sure to capture all the drips that will be coming out with some old towels or wads of paper towels.

Start Early to Get Things Clean

At a glance, your fridge may seem relatively clean. When you start removing all of the items from it, however, you might find a completely different (and scary!) situation. Little drops of jelly that have solidified, tiny bits of moldy veggies and melted unmentionables all tend to hide in corners around your fridge and freezer; unnoticed until you take everything out of the device for a major clean. On top of the items that you are seeing, what isn't visible is much scarier: bacteria and mold. Be sure to scrub everything thoroughly and pay special attention to trouble spots such as around gaskets and the hardware that hold your racks in place.

Prepping Your Fridge for a Move

Whether you're using professional residential movers or getting the move done yourself and with friends, you'll need to get things clean at least 24 hours before your move so it will have time to dry out completely. Be sure to remove anything that could move around inside your fridge during a move and tape down drawers, so they don't get broken. Even the gentlest shift can cause things to move around and potentially crack sliding drawers.

Getting your fridge and freezer in tip-top shape before your move will save you time and energy once you've gotten to your new space. For more tips and tricks that will make your move a breeze, visit the True Friends Moving Company blog for great ideas you can use throughout your move. Get a free estimate for your next move online or call (615) 240-2811 today!