How to Move In or Out of the Second or Higher Floor

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Moving in or out of any home is challenging enough. But when you live on the second or higher floor of a condo or apartment, you multiply the difficulty by having to deal with stairs or an elevator. You can make the process go more smoothly by following these tips.


When stairs are involved, you want to move carefully and safely, and rest frequently to stave off fatigue.

  • Don’t try to move through stairs by yourself, which can prove dangerous with heavier furniture or boxes. Enlist at least one other person and preferably more.
  • Put on shoes with good treads for a firm grip on the floor and outside pavement. Wear thick gloves for heavy lifting. If you need additional core support, wear a back brace.
  • Clear a path to and from the stairs as well as on the stairways themselves. You don’t want to trip down the steps while you’re carrying heavy boxes.
  • Disassemble furniture with legs or other protruding parts for easier handling.
  • Measure large pieces of furniture to ensure that they can get through the stairs, tight corners, and narrow hallways. You don’t want to discover after moving your sofa through several flights that it won’t fit around the last corner.
  • Figure out how you’re going to move large furniture with two people. For example, one of you can say “step” so that you both take one step on the stairs. Put the stronger person at the lower end of the furniture because this is the heaviest part.


Elevators can help speed up moves to or from a higher floor.

  • Plan on moving during the weekday when there will be fewer people using the elevator and in the hallways since they will be at work or school.
  • Clear the move at least two weeks in advance from the building manager. They can reserve a specific time frame for the process and may offer the use of the service elevator so you don’t disturb other tenants. Be sure to get the reservation time in writing.
  • Measure the width and height of the elevator doors and the elevator interior to ensure that your larger pieces will fit.
  • To minimize the number of trips you have to make, use the elevator key to hold the elevator on your floor with the doors open. Then load the interior as fully as you can. However, take into account the maximum weight that the elevator can handle.
  • Have at least one person on the loading floor and another on the unloading floor so your goods are always within sight of one person.

The most convenient and efficient way of dealing with a move from a higher floor is to avoid doing it yourself. Instead, engage professionals like True Friends Moving. For more information, please contact us today.