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Tips For Home Storage Organization

Are you fed up with not being able to find craft supplies and garden tools in the garage or tripping over the kid’s toys every time you go in the basement? You’re not alone! Many people experience the same problems with their basement, garage and other areas that seem to attract clutter. The good news is, the New Year is upon us which means you have found the ideal New Year’s resolution; cleaning and organizing your storage spaces. Don’t know where to start? Simply follow these tips to clean and organize your garage and/or basement, and you’ll soon be on your way to an organized 2017.

What’s the Plan?

Before you dive in head first to a pile of unknowns, it is important to have a plan of attack. Creating a plan will allow you to methodically organize the area being cleaned and prevent you from simply moving items from one spot in the garage to another or even worse, to another storage area in your house. Having a plan will help save time and effort in the end.

  • Decide how the garage or basement space can be best used by your family.
  • Determine which area will be utilized for parking your vehicle and which area will be used for storing lawn equipment, sports equipment and other necessary items.
  • You may also want to create a spot for a workshop, crafting or even a small office area.
  • During this time, determine where everything will go once it is in its new, clean and organized space.
  • After assessing where things will go, measure the width and length of your garage to determine how much floor space you have.
  • Transfer these measurements to a sheet of paper and using blocks, designate the specific areas to meet your needs.

Take Everything Out

Fitting for a New Year’s resolution, you will need to start with a clean slate. Lay a few blankets, sheets or tarps in an open area, such as the lawn or the driveway. Remove everything and place them on the tarps in sections that include an area for items that will be kept, donated, tossed and sold. This is also the best time to sort items into categories, such as tools, crafts, and sports equipment in separate groups. Once everything has been removed, sweep and wash down the walls and floors. Before moving anything back in, install any organization items you will be using such as peg boards for the tools and hooks for bikes or lawn equipment. Don’t forget to take advantage of the ceiling to hang ceiling racks that can be used for storing seasonal items. If you need an extra hand or two to help with the moving, purging or even organizing items, don’t forget you can hire True Friends to come out for a couple of hours to help.

Tips to Organize

The first step to having an organized storage space is to group like items together. This will make things easier to find as well as help you keep track of items you have and/or need. Use as much ceiling and vertical space as you possibly can, especially if you are planning to park your vehicle in the garage. Here are a few ways to keep everything neat and organized:

  • Metal shelving is ideal for storing cleaning items and extra canned goods. Use plastic bins in various sizes to store and organize bolts, nails, small hand tools, crafts and anything else that typically gets tossed on the workbench. Make sure each container only contains the items it was intended to hold.
  • Label everything, including plastic bins, drawers, and shelves.
  • To keep toys from cluttering the basement, stack them under the basement steps.
  • Installing shelves at varying heights in the basement will give you plenty of room to stack puzzles, craft items, and toys.

As you are purging everything out of the garage and/or basement, think about what can be reused and repurposed. For example, if you have an old file cabinet that has sat in the corner of the basement for years, pull it out, paint it and add casters to the bottom. It will make an ideal mobile container that can be rolled to wherever you need it. Just remember that the items you are going to reuse or repurpose should be transformed soon to prevent them from cluttering the areas you just cleaned.

Need help organizing and moving? Contact True Friends Moving Company; we will be happy to help you get your storage spaces organized.