Frequently Asked Questions when Planning a Move

Couple preparing to move

Moving can be incredibly stressful, but it doesn't have to be with True Friends Moving Company. We put together our eight most frequently asked questions to get you ahead of the game.

Moving Expenses

How much will my move cost? No two moves are exactly alike, so we will need more information to offer you a price estimate. We charge for moves based on a one-time service fee, plus an hourly rate. Your moving cost will depend on how long it takes, including driving time. We will never charge any hidden fees or surprise surcharges.

How can I help to minimize my moving costs? The better prepared you are before the movers arrive, the more smoothly everything will go and the less time it will take. This includes having everything already packed and sealed in clearly labeled boxes, disassembling furniture and moving smaller, fragile items in your car. Anything you can do to help your movers will speed up the process.

I found a cheaper rate from another moving company. Can you match it? Yes, we can. In fact, you'll likely find that we include more added features than other moving companies, so you'll be getting an even better value for your money. Simply show us the advertised rate and we will match it.

Am I expected to tip the movers? While tipping is not required, it is always greatly appreciated and shows your crew that you value their time and effort. A general guideline is to tip about $5 per mover, per hour, but you are free to tip as much or as little as you like, depending on your satisfaction with the service.

Preparing for Your Move

How should I label my boxes? Label your boxes clearly with the name of the room they will go into in your new home. Be sure to label all sides and the top of each box so the movers don't have to look for it.

Can you move appliances? Yes, we can. However, we are not plumbers, gas technicians or electricians, so be sure to have the appropriate professional disconnect your appliances before our arrival. Also, be sure that your appliances have been emptied.

On Moving Day

Do you offer storage services as well? We will be happy to allow you to store your belongings in our moving truck for a few nights while you get settled in your new home, but you must request this service in advance of your move. We charge a flat rate for each additional night.

Do I need to provide food or beverages for the movers? Your movers will provide their own food, if necessary, and you will not be charged for the time they spend eating lunch. Beverages, like sports drinks or cold water, are not required, but always appreciated!

If you were unable to find the answer in our FAQs, don't hesitate to call us for more information. We'll be happy to help!