Labeling Your Moving Boxes: Why You Should Do It & How to Do It Well

woman labeling moving box

Whether it’s your first move or your eleventh, moving can create a lot of stress and headaches if you aren’t prepared. Taking the time to plan and organize beforehand can significantly improve your moving experience. One of the best ways to coordinate is to label your moving boxes.

Why Should I Label My Moving Boxes?

Labeling your moving boxes can reduce the stress of your move. Knowing where all your items go in the new home and what items are the most important to unbox first can help you unpack.

How to Label Your Moving Boxes

Labeling your moving boxes can take many forms depending on your organizational style. But if you are struggling to get started, here are some great ways to label your boxes that will make your move smoother.

Color Code Your Boxes

Color coding your boxes is a great way to know what kind of items are in each box and where to place them in your new home. Label them by room (e.g., yellow for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom, etc.), and everyone will know where to take them. You can use colored markers or even colored stickers, available at any office supply store. If you use markers, go for the waterproof ones so you don’t accidentally rub the color off with sweat or water.

Number Your Boxes

Numbering your boxes ensures that you know how many there are in total in case one gets misplaced. You can number overall or even number by room, so you know you have eight boxes total for the kitchen and seven for the living room.

Give Your Boxes a Priority

Give each of your boxes a priority marking. Write an “H” (high) for boxes that should be unpacked first, an “M” (Medium) for boxes that can be unpacked slowly, and an “L” (low) for boxes that can stay packed for a while.

For color, number, and priority, make sure you label on all sides. This will help you identify the boxes in whatever way they are stacked and ensure you can follow the priority system.

Keep an Inventory List

As you pack up your boxes and add colors and numbers, make sure to keep an inventory list. This will help you account for all boxes and know how many exactly need to go in each room when you move in.

Labeling Boxes Helps Your Movers

Putting labels on your boxes doesn’t just help you; it helps your movers efficiently unpack your boxes to their designated areas. With the added care and experience of Site:Business Name} along with carefully labeled boxes, you can save yourself a lot of stress during your next move.

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