family moving into a new home with boxes

Tips for Moving During America’s Peak “Moving Season”

Summer is known as “Moving Season” in the U.S. Starting in April and ending in September, “Moving Season” is the period of time with more reliable weather and an easier transition for school-aged children, which makes it a more attractive time for people to sell their homes and move. Due to the volume of people moving during the summer and the demand for movers on the rise, there are many things to consider for the season so you don’t get hit with high prices, stressed by low availability, or dehydrated in the heat.

Here are some tips to get you prepared for moving during America’s peak “Moving Season”

Book Your Moving Appointment as Early as Possible

Due to high demand, you should get quotes and book your truck or hire your movers a couple months ahead of time to ensure you get the best price and don’t run into any problems as your moving day gets closer.

Start Your Preparations Early

Once you have your moving date and movers hired, start making a plan and prepare for the move as early as possible. Double-check that your movers can move all of your items, including large furniture. Also, start grabbing supplies such as boxes and tape and make a plan to organize your belongings, which will help once you get to unpacking in your new place.

Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest risks of moving in the summer is the heat. Making continuous trips into the sun to move boxes and furniture will lead to a lot of perspiration. Pack lots of water bottles, enough for you, your friends and family, and your movers, who will all appreciate you taking care of them. Consider packing cold damp towels and snacks to make sure everyone is as comfortable and refreshed during the strenuous process.

Wear Sunscreen and Dress Properly

Along the same lines as hydration, you’ll want to be safe in the heat. Make sure you wear sunscreen and bring enough to reapply during the day. And dress properly. Don’t wear any clothes that will make you overheated or that you don’t want to get dirty or potentially ruined.

Take Care of Your Kids and Pets

Moving can be a long and strenuous process. It can be stressful for both your children and pets. Make sure your kids and pet are well hydrated and safe, or arrange for them to stay with a friend or relative until you have moved your belongings into the new space.

Pack Smartly and Efficiently

When packing your belongings into boxes, you should consider the safety of fragile items year-round. In the summer during “Moving Season,” you have to be careful with items that can’t handle the heat of a moving truck, such as candles and electronics. Consider while packing that these items can melt and ruin other items, so you may want to keep them in air-conditioned areas of your vehicle.

Hire Dedicated and Trustworthy Moving Professionals

“Moving Season” can be a hard time to move. is a trusted local Nashville moving company that will help you pack and move with ease and professionalism during the hottest time of the year. We have years of experience with “Moving Season” and can help you make sure it’s a smooth move to your new home.

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