8 Moving Tips to Consider from Local Nashville Movers

Nashville Long Distance Moving


Planning to move from Nashville cross country? A long distance move can be stressful. It requires more organization and involves more steps than a local move. You might be overwhelmed because of the many tasks you need to accomplish throughout this process. This is why you should read on and consider these 8 tips before your long distance move from Nashville!


1. Create a moving plan

The first tip before your long distance move from Nashville is to make a plan. You should create a moving plan to determine what you need to do before moving from Nashville. You can make a list of all your moving related tasks. Using a moving checklist might help you not forget anything behind. As soon as you start to plan your relocation, it’s important that you choose a moving out date since it will help you keep up with your other tasks.


2. Hire a reliable long distance moving company

Once you know when and where you’re moving to, the second tip to consider before your move from Nashville is to hire a reliable long distance moving company. For that, you should get multiple cost estimates from different movers operating from Nashville. To be able to pick one, you must compare them by taking into account your budget, but also their reviews and whether they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


3. Purchase moving insurance

For several reasons, you should purchase moving insurance for your long distance move from Nashville. It’s highly advisable and worth it to get moving insurance, especially when moving long distance, given that your belongings will be transported for a longer period of time than a local move. Moving from Nashville, Tennessee to another state exposes your belongings to many potential problems such as the weather conditions, and you certainly don’t want your precious belongings to be damaged or destroyed!


4. Keep your essentials with you

Another tip you should consider before moving long distance is to keep your essentials with you. It is recommended to bring the items you need on arrival with you. For that, make sure you don’t pack and leave some important documents and items to the movers you’ve hired! Personal documents such as your driver’s license, social security card and birth certificate must be kept with you at all times. Also, your shipment might arrive later, so consider keeping with you everything that you need at your destination: medication, hygiene products, additional clothes, etc.


5. Declutter before packing

Usually, the next step to take is to start packing everything for your move. However, the tip we’re giving you is to declutter before packing. Simply decide what you want to keep at your new place and what you get rid of. Decluttering your current home will ease your transition, your unpacking and will even make you save money on your moving expenses.

When decluttering, consider donating the items you don’t want/need anymore to people in need. There are many organizations in Nashville where you can give your clothes, toiletries and equipment, such as Hands On Nashville, ThriftSmart and Nashville Rescue Mission.


6. Start packing

Now is the time to start packing your belongings before your long distance move from Nashville. It will make this process easier if you organize your items according to factors like their use/purpose, size and separate your fragile items. To avoid breaking items, you should fill the larger ones with small or light objects, whereas the smallest ones should be kept for heavier objects. Labeling your boxes is also a good and useful idea.


Bear in mind that you can still let the professional do it for you. If you don’t want to bother with this task, most movers offer a packing service.


7. Notify your utility and telecom providers

The 7th tip you should consider when moving long distance from Nashville is to notify your utility providers. It is very important to inform your utility providers to disconnect your current utilities and transfer them if you can/want. That includes among others electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable, internet and waste collection. It is recommended to contact utility providers like the Nashville Electric Service and Metro Water Services a few weeks before moving day.


8. Change your address & update your documents

A move necessarily implies a change of address. The last tip you must consider is to change your address and update your documents with your financial institution, insurance companies as well as government agencies like the IRS and the SSA. Nevertheless, when moving from Tennessee to another state, you won’t need to notify the TN DMV of your change of address to update your driver’s license or vehicle registration. Moreover, don’t forget to set up mail forwarding with USPS before you move to avoid your mail going to your previous address.



Careful planning is the key to a successful move. Without any doubt, these 8 tips will help you plan a stress-free move from Nashville to your new home. From deciding where to live to updating all your documents with your providers, you’re now ready to deal with all these moving tasks efficiently, and won’t leave anything behind.