Wardrobe box with clothes and hangers in it.

Moving Box Guide: What’s Goes Where

Moving can be a stressful and time-consuming experience for even the most veteran of movers. Don't wait till your packing day to find out that your items don't fit the boxes you have or worry about your fragile items breaking on the move. Instead, check out this moving box guide to learn what boxes are suitable for the objects you need to pack!

How To Pack Fragile Items For Moving

What Type of Box

While the traditional cardboard box is heavier and thicker Corrugated cartons are best for holding your fragile items. These lightweight boxes feature a third layer of paper fluting between the inner and outer cardboard layers, making the carton more resilient to inclement weather, rough roads, sudden shifts in temperature, or improper handling.

How to Pack the Box

When it comes to packing fragile items for your move, there's no such thing as being too precautious! The best way to pack your most fragile stuff is to wrap each item in a 3" thick air-cellular cushioning material and then fill any free space with newspapers, loose-fill peanuts, or other cushioning material.

How To Pack Clothes

What Type of Box

Wardrobe boxes are the most convenient way to take your clothes with you and keep them in great condition. While many try to pack their clothes in trash bags, suitcases, or regular boxes, this often leaves the clothes so wrinkled they need to be put through the dryer. The wardrobe box allows your to

Which Wardrobe Box to get

Wardrobe boxes come in all shapes and sizes to make your moving experience as convenient as possible. Large boxes are perfect for long jackets, suits, or gowns, while small boxes are great for shirts, shorts, sports coats, pants, or blouses; the medium-sized boxes will do the job for everything else in-between.

Odd Shaped Items

What Type of Box

Oddly shaped items can be a nuisance during an already stressful moving period. If you find that an item is awkward to pack, it's best to use a large box to accommodate the item's largest features. If the item doesn't fit in a standard size box, you should contact professional packers for custom crating services to get a custom-sized carton.

How to Pack

To properly pack your items, it is best to disassemble the object as much as you can. Placing cushioning materials (Ex. newspaper, styrofoam peanuts, etc.) inside the box is also a great way to ensure the item makes it to its destination safely on your move.

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