7 Storage Tips and Ideas for Your Home

a person storing clothes

A lack of storage space can be a frustrating issue to deal with. Not only does your home look messy, but it can be challenging to find the things you need. Below we have listed seven creative ways to store and repurpose your items to declutter your home.


DIY Pull-Out Drawers

If you don't have pull-out draws, see-through bins work perfectly as a cost-effective solution. You can stack these containers, and as a bonus, you can see what you're storing inside of the bins without having to pull everything out, avoiding a potential mess.

Plastic Bag Dispenser

Have a ton of plastic bags but don't know where to put them? By repurposing a tissue box you can organize your grocery bags and remove a ton of clutter. You can put your empty plastic bags in an empty tissue box, which not only will keep the shopping bags organized but also easy to reach.

Hanging Fruit Baskets

Repurposing fruit baskets allows you to store many small items and make them easier to reach. Hanging a fruit basket in your bathroom can declutter the area and give you a place to put your bath supplies and even a child's toys.

Stuffy Storage

Over-the-door shoe organizers are excellent for storing many things! One way you can repurpose these organizers is by using them to hold small toys and stuffed animals. You could also use one to organize work or school supplies.


Above-Cabinet Storage

One of the most underutilized storage areas of our kitchen is above the cabinets. This area provides a lot of extra space but can be hard to reach and even harder to see. Using wire baskets lets you see exactly what you're trying to grab from atop the cabinet.

Labeled Containers

By placing the grains and spices you regularly use into storage containers, you can open up a lot of space in your cabinets. To make these containers easy to discern and look even better, you can use a paint pen to label the containers and make a creative display.

Hang Your Measuring Spoons

Are you constantly losing measuring spoons or don't know where to put them? Try hanging your spoons inside your cabinet like you would with knives. By buying and installing some small command-type hooks in your cabinet you can free up space and make the measuring spoons easier to find.

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