7 Ways to Fill Your New Home with Holiday Cheer

gingerbread house in front of christmas tree

If you’ve just moved, decorating for the holidays can seem like an exhausting chore, even if you typically love the season. Never fear: there are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit in your home, all without a major time commitment.

1. Make it smell like the holidays.

Good smells have the unique ability to make us feel happier, comfier, and simply more festive all around. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simmer a small pot of pine needles, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and a few drops of vanilla extra. You can also buy a diffuser (or three) to suit your sense of style, and try out these essential oil recipes that summon images of mulled wine and peaceful, snowy woods:

  • 3 drops cinnamon, 2 drops sweet orange, 1 drop clove bud, 1 drop nutmeg
  • 4 drops frankincense, 4 drops fir needle, 4 drops cedarwood

2. Crank up the tunes!

Now that your home is smelling festive, set the mood with the right music. If your CDs and albums are still boxed up after a recent move, download Spotify on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to get music for free. All you have to do is type in the style of Christmas or other holiday music you’d like to hear, and Spotify will provide you with numerous options to suit your taste.

3. Switch to wintery pillows and throws.

Swap out your year-round pillows and throws for some with winter themes and ultra-cozy textures. Think faux fur, chunky knits, winter white, forest-inspired greens, sumptuous reds, and--of course--plaid! Have fun incorporating irregularly-shaped, holiday-themed novelty cushions into the mix, like this Christmas tree pillow from Etsy or this snowflake pillow from Wayfair.

4. Cook some hot chocolate on the stove.

There’s something nostalgic about making hot chocolate in a little pot on the stove for your family--plus, you get warmer while you make it, which is a major plus on a chilly day! All you need is milk (or a milk substitute), cocoa powder, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, and some plain milk chocolate. Culinary pro, Danielle, from Live Well Bake Often recommends adding a pinch of salt to enhance the chocolate and balance out the sugar’s sweetness--it’s the secret ingredient!

5. Frame entryways with lights and greenery.

String lights aren’t only meant for your home’s exterior! Make your home merry and bright by framing its interior entryways with lights and garland. You can add battery-operated LED string lights and fairy lights to plain greenery so that you don’t have to worry about plugging anything in or dangerously hot lights.

6. Turn a wreath into a centerpiece.

This trick works on dining tables, coffee tables, buffets, and credenzas alike. Instead of using a wreath traditionally, set it down in the middle of your dinner table and place some candles of varying heights in the center. Boom--you have an instant holiday centerpiece!

7. Make a Christmas card garland.

All you need is a long, pretty, holiday ribbon and some Christmas cards. Gather old and new cards from treasured friends and family members and in each card, create a small hole in the corner or along the fold. This will allow you to create a string of cards to hang from a mantle, banister, or entryway table.

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