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5 Areas of Your Home to Deep Clean Before You Sell

You know that it's important to make a great first impression on potential buyers, so you're probably already sorting through knick-knacks and hiding them away to clear the clutter. However, there are five places that many homeowners check carefully before making a decision — all locations that might indicate whether or not the house has been carefully maintained. It may seem a bit obvious, but you want to go over these locations with a careful eye to detail.

1. Laundry Room

Let's face it, spaces that are dedicated to cleaning can tend to get pretty grimy. Laundry rooms can accumulate all types of debris, most of which your eye overlooks as a homeowner. A potential buyer is on the lookout for proof that the home is in good shape, so be sure to check for any water damage on the floor and loose pipes. Keep your detergent and cleaning materials packed safely away to help the space feel larger.

2. Bathtubs and Showers

Nothing says "grimy" like a tile shower that has some stains on the grout! Even bathtubs can be pretty icky around the edges. Take some extra time to clean these spaces, being extra sure to get rid of any soap residue. Also, ensure that your bathing items such as soaps and such are clean and neat and not scattered about.

3. Kitchen

A dirty kitchen is a big turn-off for most buyers, but even when you have your kitchen "surface clean" buyers may find some hidden corners of grunge. Look particularly under your kitchen sink and make sure your cupboards look neat. Keep in mind that they will likely open every cabinet and closet in your home!

4. Closets

Speaking of closets, are yours in good shape? Overstuffed closets — even large ones — can be a turn-off for home buyers. Look for ways to organize your items, perhaps packing your off-season clothing away in a storage unit for the time being.

5. Garage / Basement

All the de-cluttering in your home can take a toll on your garage and basement, turning them into a labyrinth of bags and boxes that can make the space feel much smaller than it is. Again, consider a short-term storage unit for items that need to leave your home but that you're not ready to get rid of forever. Don't forget the dark corners where spiders like to lurk in their webs!

Once you've got these five locations under control, you should be in great shape for your next home showing! Ready to start planning your move? True Friends Moving Company in Nashville is always there for you. Request an estimate online today or give us a call toll-free at (615) 240-2811. You'll also find many more great suggestions for an easy move on our blog.