6 Tips for a Long-Distance Move to Nashville

View of Nashville during sunset.

So you have decided Nashville will be your next home. That's great! Now you just have to get here.

While long-distance trips can be daunting, there is no reason you should fear making the trip. Below we have included a few tips and tricks to ensure your trip is as easy as possible.

Tips & Tricks

Insure Your Belongings

During a long trip, a lot can happen that may put your stuff at risk, and federal regulations only require moving companies to pay 60 cents per pound of the items that are damaged. While this may not be a big deal for some things, this compensation isn't enough when it comes to electronics, expensive furniture, or other valuables. You can ensure that you're covered in the worst-case scenario by purchasing insurance.

Create An Inventory List

You can provide the moving company with just how much stuff you're trying to bring with you by making an inventory list. This list not only allows movers to provide you with accurate price estimates but can also help you stay organized while packing and keep track of your items.

Cushion Your Items

Your items are handled by multiple people during your trip, and the road can often be bumpy and unforgiving. During the drive, you can protect your most valuable items by packing cushioning into your boxes.

Make sure when you add cushioning to the box, it fills the inside. This will ensure that the item doesn't slide around.

Make Your Boxes Distinguishable

Long-distance moving trucks often carry multiple people's boxes, not just yours. Ensure that your boxes don't get lost or accidentally taken by marking them with your name and another unique identifier of your choice.

Don't Pack Anything You Need When You Arrive

Anything important you may need when you arrive at your new Nashville home should not be packed and put in the moving truck. Some things you should avoid packing are your driver's license, social security card, passport, sleeping items, and your birth certificate/

Label Each Box Correctly

Long-distance moves can be difficult and tiring, and that's without considering the unpacking process. Labeling your boxes with the correct place they belong makes the unpacking process simpler and allows you to find exactly what you're looking for.

A Team You Can Trust

If you're looking to move to Nashville True Friends Moving Company has your back! With our flat-rate pricing, competitor price-beat guarantee, and packing services, we’ll make sure your move is as easy as possible. Call (615) 240-2811 to schedule your move today!