Essential Things to Take Care of Before Your Long Distance, Interstate Move

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Moving to another state can be a big challenge — especially if you're doing it long distance. There are many things to consider and take care of before you load up the moving truck. Here are some essential items to keep in mind as you prepare for your long distance, interstate move.

Hire a reputable moving company that specializes in long distance moves.

Moving to a new home is almost always stressful, but moving long distances can be incredibly nerve-wracking. You must hire the right mover so your belongings get to their destination without complications.

It's always best to talk directly with movers or read customer reviews to determine how reliable they are and what kind of services they offer. Most importantly, read all the fine print in your contract carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Plan a budget to cover the costs of things like moving, packing, gas, hotel, etc.

It can be challenging to keep track of all the costs associated with a move. It helps to make a plan in advance so you can avoid overspending.

When making this plan, it's important to consider potential expenses related to moving, such as packing supplies, professional movers, gas if you're driving a long distance, lodging in hotels along the way, and so on. Depending on how far you're traveling and how much you'll be bringing with you, these costs can add up quickly.

If you’re short on time, hire a professional packing service so you can keep to your timeline.

Even if you plan ahead, packing can often take longer than expected. That's where having a professional packing service at your disposal becomes invaluable. Hiring professionals to help you consolidate and pack away your possessions is a great way to ensure that you stay on schedule.

Get your car serviced.

Nothing will ruin a long distance move like some unexpected car trouble. Before you leave, your car should receive comprehensive service from a qualified mechanic. This includes things like changing the oil and filters, checking the air pressure of all four tires, topping up coolant, and checking the brakes.

Opt for moving insurance.

Moving your belongings over a long distance can present an extra layer of difficulty, particularly if you don’t know the road conditions. While it’s true that professional movers will take the utmost precautions to ensure your items arrive safely, accidents can happen. Personal heirlooms or expensive electronics can get damaged or even lost in transit.

This is why it’s wise to opt for moving insurance. Not only does this give you peace of mind that your possessions are covered should anything happen, but claims can be processed quickly and easily thanks to the documentation provided by your mover.

Plan your pit stops.

If you're driving to your new home, you need to plan where and when you'll take breaks. This is especially vital for long distance moves, as you want to avoid overexerting yourself, missing out on bathroom opportunities, or falling asleep at the wheel.

Check the forecast for inclement weather (snowstorms, icy roads, tornado warnings, etc.).

The weather can play a significant role in your long distance move. Before you depart, check the forecast for your route and make sure that no bad weather is headed your way. If you see that inclement weather may be in the forecast, plan your drive around it or reschedule when possible.

Nashville Long Distance Movers

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