7 Things You Need to Know About Moving During the Summer

man drinking water wearing athletic clothes

Summer is a popular time to move for a few reasons:

  • school’s out;
  • there’s a lack of snow and icy weather in most regions;
  • and in some cities, leases traditionally expire on June 30 or July 31st.

However, there are certain factors that you’ll need to consider if you plan on moving during this busy season.

1. Appointments with movers fill up quickly.

Because so many people prefer to sell their homes and move during summertime, this also means that movers and packing services are in high demand. This means that you should try to book your appointment as soon as possible after figuring out your move date.

2. It’s best to secure a morning appointment.

When you’re expecting warm weather, it’s best to book your move as early in the day as possible, when it’s still nice and cool. Plus, you’ll have a much smaller arrival window than someone who booked a moving appointment in the afternoon.

Movers have some idea of how long a move will take, but unexpected factors can arise during earlier appointments that can make them come toward the latter half of their arrival window for later appointments.

3. Call to get your utilities turned on ahead of time.

Why? You’ll want your air conditioner to work in your new home while you’re moving in your furniture and unpacking everything. If you have access to the thermostat through an app on your phone, go ahead and turn the AC on before your arrival so that you can walk into a cool home—you’ll be glad you did!

4. You’ll need lots of bottled water.

You can work up a real sweat during a move on a hot summer day, so it’s important to stay hydrated! One bottle of water isn’t likely to do the job, so we encourage you to buy a whole case of water bottles to ensure that you and everyone else can get plenty to drink.

5. Wear cool, breathable clothes that are easy to maneuver in.

Now is not the time to wear your Sunday best. Even if you’ve hired movers to help you with boxes and heavy furniture, you’ll undoubtedly spend a lot of time on your feet unpacking and arranging your belongings. As far as attire goes, stick to summer athletic clothes or fabrics like cotton and linen, and wear comfortable, supportive shoes.

6. Keep perishable items in a cooler.

Ideally, you should try to use up your perishables before your move, but sometimes, that isn’t always possible. Ensure that you have enough time to grab some ice to fill up your cooler and enough time to pack your cooler before you hit the road on your move.

7. You may want to keep electronics in an air-conditioned space.

If the weather gets extremely hot, this can put your electronics and media at risk of getting heat-related damage. A moving truck’s cargo area typically is not air conditioned, so it may be best to place any items that can be damaged by extreme heat in a vehicle where the air conditioning can help them stay cool.

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