Get to Know Your New Hometown: 5 Tips for the Whole Family

mom dad and daughter shopping in downtown

Moving to a new city can be a stressful adjustment for anyone at any age. It might take a while before your unfamiliar surroundings start to become that comforting place we call “home.” That being said, the faster you start exploring, the more quickly you’re going to get familiar with your town and learn about all the best places to go.

Buckle up, and get ready: you’re about to have fun getting to know your new hometown with these tips!

1. Act Like a Tourist

Do some Google searches for the lists of “best ofs” and grab some brochures from the visitor center or some local landmarks. There are usually some kid-friendly museums, zoos, or nature centers nearby where you can spend time with the whole family. If you can’t decide where to eat, pick up a Zagat if one is available to find the ideal places to dine.

2. Ask Questions

This may feel unnatural if you tend to be more introverted, but you’ll be surprised at how welcoming most people can be when you tell them you’re new in town and need tips about where to go. Some good questions to ask are things like:

  • What are the best local hang-outs?
  • Where can I get a really good cup of coffee/burger/sushi/etc.?
  • What do you think is the best “hidden gem” in this town?
  • What’s your favorite locally-owned shop/restaurant around here?

You can also ask questions about what to avoid, like certain areas that might have heavy traffic at certain times of day.

3. Go for a “Sunday drive” each weekend.

The “Sunday drive” has become a tradition of the past, but you can have a lot of fun driving around with your loved ones while you talk and see what’s new. You might discover nice parks or neighborhoods to walk in, interesting shops, and a lot of restaurants to try.

4. Follow local businesses on social media.

See a business that piques your interest? Chances are they have a social media presence (we sure do). By following local businesses with a lot of community involvement, it helps you keep abreast of current events in your town as well.

5. Volunteer at local organizations.

Few things get you involved in the local community faster than volunteering. Every town has volunteer opportunities at schools, soup kitchens, churches, or nonprofit organizations, and many will allow kids to volunteer as well.

While lots of nonprofits have an online or social media presence, not all have the resources for it, so don’t forget to check out your local newspaper, magazine, or community center bulletin board for opportunities that might interest you.

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