How to Maximize Your Closet Space

woman looking into closet

Without proper organization, your closets can quickly become a cluttered catch-all for your belongings. However, with a few simple tricks, you can have tidier closets that make better use of what space is available, even if you don’t have much room to work with.

Having trouble tackling your closets? Use these tips below to get started!

1. Throw out or give away what you won’t use or wear again.

There’s no point in organizing or storing what isn’t useful to you. Be honest with yourself as you declutter, and if you come across things you haven’t used or worn in a while, ask yourself if you have any concrete plans to use those items within the next few months. If the answer is no, those things have to go. (This does not apply to seasonal clothing, like an essential winter coat.)

2. Double your clothes’ hanging space.

In your bedroom closet, double your clothing space by installing two bars, one above the other, where you can hang items like tops, jackets, and folded pants. If you’re only renting the space and would like to add an extra bar, buy an adjustable rod that you can hang from the existing bar.

3. Use all the vertical space available.

If you have some room above your hanging clothes, install wall-mounted shelves so that you can store more items all the way up to the ceiling. If, like many people, you’re somewhat vertically challenged, buy a collapsible footstool that can be quickly stowed and give you easy access to hard-to-reach items.

4. Don’t forget about the door.

When you own a small closet, every inch of space counts, and that includes the door. Doors are an excellent place to hang shallow, over-the-door organizers, where you can store numerous items, such as nursery supplies, shoes, hats, pantry supplies, and more. You can also install a broom rack to keep your broom, dustpan, and other cleaning brushes off the floor.

5. Store seasonal items in labeled, airtight, easily-stackable containers.

Storing items in cardboard has its disadvantages. For one, the cardboard is not very durable and can start to sag and tear over time. Also, pests can easily chew through cardboard and destroy the precious contents inside. Instead, opt for boxes sturdy enough to stack and better made to keep out the elements and creepy-crawly invaders. Clear boxes have the advantage of allowing you to see what’s inside if you forget to label them, and they’ll be less attractive hiding places to insects and rodents.

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