7 Tricks That Make Rooms Feel Bigger

small apartment

A smaller home can have its advantages: it costs less to heat and cool, there’s less area to clean, and there’s less to manage overall. However, sometimes the smaller rooms can leave you feeling cramped and longing for something larger.

There’s no need to “upsize!” Simply use these pro tips from interior designers to open up small spaces and make rooms feel bigger.

1. Keep your walls light or white.

contemporary apartment interior

For small spaces, you want to stick to paint and wallpaper colors that will bounce light around the room. This will make the room look larger. Opt for white and pale grays, blues, and greens to give the space a serene, airy feeling.

2. Use richly-colored accents.

While using light-colored walls to open up the space, you can add depth to the room by incorporating accent pieces in darker, richer colors. Choose a color that puts you in a good mood or opt to swap out your colors depending on the season!

3. Add adequate illumination (and make use of natural light).

Nothing makes a small room feel smaller than dark, dingy lighting. Consider installing sconces in strategic areas, like by a reading chair or at each end of a sofa, to save on floor space. If the room has a window, make use of blinds or sheer curtains to let you take advantage of natural light while getting some privacy.

4. Hang curtains from the floor to the ceiling.

small bedroom

Installing the curtain rod close to ceiling height, instead of just above the window, gives the illusion of a higher, more stately ceiling. When installing the curtains, make sure to extend the bar's ends a good distance on either side of the window. That way, when the curtains are drawn, the window is fully exposed and allowed to let in light.

5. Opt for low-profile furniture with visible legs.

Furniture that’s lower to the ground will make a room’s ceiling appear taller. Additionally, if the furniture has visible legs, as is often the case with modern midcentury furniture, it will make more of the floor visible. This makes the whole space appear roomier and airier.

6. Add a mirror.

small apartment with mirror and white walls

Mirrors have two significant advantages in a small space. They reflect light, making the room brighter, and they add the illusion of "more room." To have the full effect, you'll need a mirror that's large enough. Consider purchasing a mirror that's big enough to reflect your body from the waist up to the top of your head. If you have space, opt for a full-length or leaning floor mirror.

7. Avoid clutter.

This tip applies to both furniture and decorative objects. Trying to pack too many pieces of furniture into a small room will make it feel claustrophobic. There should always be enough space for a sizeable “walkway” through at least one part of the room. Try to keep decorative pieces to a minimum, especially on horizontal surfaces, and instead, opt for a few choice accessories that really speak to you.

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