How to Handle Perishables When You’re Moving

When you move from one home to another, you'll likely discover that there are foods in your refrigerator and freezer that you might not want to get rid of after spending the money to purchase them.

Instead of throwing everything in a trash can, there are a few ways that you can safely pack them so that you have something to prepare for meals in your new home. Make sure the electricity is turned on at your new home before moving perishable items.

Check the Expiration Dates

Moving can be a time when you get to really clean your home, including getting rid of perishable items that have, well, perished. Some condiments are still alright to use after their expiration date, but things like milk, eggs, and mayonnaise should be thrown away if they have reached the date on the label.

Keep it Cool

One way that you can transport perishable items is to put them in a cooler. Pack the cooler about halfway with ice so that it will act as a freezer until you can get the food inside your new home.

Host a Cooking Party

Another option for using perishable foods before your move would be to simply cook as much as you can! Host a dinner party for your friends and family where everyone gathers to spend time together before you leave.

You can also use the time to pack items in boxes before you enjoy your large meal. Perishable items can also be prepared to give to neighbors and those who might not be able to cook for themselves, such as those who are elderly.


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