How to Prepare For Your Long-Distance Move to Nashville

nashville skyline

Moving to an entirely new town or county can feel like an intimidating series of tasks to overcome. Even if you are excited, there are undoubtedly some aspects of this move that you’re dreading. On the bright side, if you’re making a long-distance move to Nashville, you’re in luck because you are about to make your new home in a fantastic place to live.


Plenty of Parks to Get Those Steps In

If you enjoy outdoor activities like walking or biking, you’ll love Nashville’s abundant green spaces. Centennial Park’s monuments and its replica of The Parthenon offer sightseeing opportunities, and you can enjoy a walk on its trails past a small lake as well. You can also take a jog or bike ride along the scenic Cumberland River, which intersects the eastern part of Nashville.

Be Prepared to Drive and to Sit in Traffic

Unless you plan to live in or near Downtown, you’ll probably have a hard time relying on public transportation to get everywhere you need to go. There is a light rail system as well as a bus system, which can be handy when it comes to avoiding city congestion. However, the city is fairly spread out, which is why most residents prefer to drive.

There’s More Than Country Music (But Also a Lot of Country Music)

Nashville has countless live-music venues to suit a broad range of musical tastes. While some are fit for large audiences, like Ryman Auditorium (“the Mother Church of Country Music”) and the Grand Ole Opry, there are also plenty of more intimate venues that make for a great night out with a special someone.

Leave the Cowboy Hat and Boots at Home

If you see someone sporting a dazzling pair of cowboy boots and a ten-gallon hat, they’re probably a tourist. Your regular clothes and shoes will do just fine.

Like a Good Neighbor, Your Neighbors Are There

The citizens of Nashville take pride in their town and have a way of taking neighborliness to another level. Their resilience and community spirit could not be highlighted more than by the volunteer efforts made in early March 2020, following the devastation parts of the city and surrounding areas experienced following nighttime tornadoes. Thousands of people volunteered to bring much-needed supplies and help with clean-up efforts. Tornado relief agencies even had to ask helpers to take a day off because they were so inundated with volunteers and donations.


As with making a long-distance move anywhere, keep these tips in mind when planning your move to Nashville.

  • Declutter in advance. Donate or throw away whatever you don’t want taking up space in boxes and your new home.

  • Find a highly-rated Nashville moving company to assist you with the move. Trust us--moves are stressful. Let a professional mover take care of the “heavy lifting.”

  • Contact the mover ahead of time so that they can provide you with an accurate estimate, and book your moving date.

  • Change your address at the post office, and make sure to update your address with billing companies and any other entities that provide you with anything.

  • Contact your utility company (or companies) to get your utilities transferred from your old home to your new home.

With the necessary preparations and help from a reliable moving company, you can experience a bump-free move to Nashville.

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