Elderly couple moving boxes

Tips for Springtime Moving

With the warm weather of summer ahead but the smaller crowds and hassles of winter still lingering, you may discover that spring is an ideal time to move. Here are some tips on how to move better during this season.

Sell in the Spring

When selling your home, spring offers many advantages over other seasons, particularly during the prime time of summer. You’ll have less competition to deal with because other home sellers will be waiting for warmer weather. Many people also want to buy in the spring so that they’re settled in to take advantage of summer weather. You’ll also have your pick of agents because they have more free time than they would in the summer. All these factors combined mean that you’re more likely to sell your home quickly and for a greater price than during other times of the year.

Take Advantage of Pleasant Weather

Winter has short daylight hours, cold temperatures and inclement weather. Summer weather is better, which is why people typically move then. But this season can also be extremely hot, which may become dangerous particularly if you need to load boxes yourself. Spring represents an in-between time past the ice and snow of winter storms but before the sweltering temperatures of summer. The weather stays mildly between both extremes, making it more pleasant to engage in physical labor.

Wear sunglasses and sunscreen to protect against the gradually growing power of the sun. A hat with a broad brim offers additional protection for your face. Use eye drops to counter any discomfort from pollen. Because temperatures get warmer as the day progresses, wear layered clothing that you can take off or put on to adjust to weather changes.

The Kids Will Thank You

Kids have a lot of holidays in the spring, which makes for long weekends during a move. They also get at least an entire week during spring break, which allows them to leave their old school at the beginning of the period and enter the new school at the end. The transition does not affect their grades and eases them into their new school. Be sure to introduce your children to the new school before the move, which allows them to make some friends ahead of time.

Save Money and Time

Demand for movers is highest in the summer and so are their prices. You’ll have to schedule professionals weeks or months in advance, and it becomes harder to find supplies or negotiate crowds that may be moving into or out of your destination at the same time. All these problems go away if you move in the spring because movers experience less demand. Scheduling becomes easier and prices get lower. You will also not have to deal with people moving in and out of any subdivisions or apartment complexes you choose.

If you want more tips on moving or want to schedule your move for the spring, please contact True Friends Moving today.