Interesting Facts You Might Not Know about Moving

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Moving is something that you'll likely do several times in your life. In fact, the average American will move nearly 12 times over the course of their life. Read on for more interesting facts about moving.

Moving Statistics

More than 300 million people in the United States moved in 2016. Within that group, women are more likely to move than men are. Just in the year 2016, 6.6 million more women moved than did men. It is not easy to pinpoint the reason for this, but it is a steady trend that has held true over time. As you might expect, younger adults move more frequently than their older counterparts.

When People Move

In general, Friday is the most popular day to move, unless it falls on the first day of the month. This is likely because people will then have the entire weekend to unpack and get settled in. Following similar logic, Sunday is the least popular day to move, as there is no time left of the weekend. People typically prefer to move in the middle of the month, rather than at the beginning or end. More than half of moves occur in the summer, thanks to good weather and kids being out of school.

Moving on after College

After graduating, many students take up residence in the same general area as the school they attended. However, 30 percent of those people will move away within 5 years of graduation, often leaving the entire state. As many as 35 percent of college graduates never move back to their hometowns. Many grads cite work-related reasons, like promotions or moving to new companies as the primary reasons for moving out-of-state after college.

Packing Statistics

Packing is one of the most important aspects of moving, as a typical household can be filled with about 6,500 pounds of furniture and other belongings. Of course, you'll need plenty of packing boxes to store all those items, and the average number of boxes needed is around 60, depending on their size. In most cases, you can reuse moving boxes several times if you store them safely. With care, high-quality cardboard packing boxes can last you up to 10 moves!

Start Planning Your Upcoming Move

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