Couple preparing to move

Top 10 Essentials to Keep on Hand When You Move

Moving can be particularly stressful because you have to keep track of so many procedures, schedules, and parts. You can make this trying time more successful by keeping these ten items with you.

Extra Packing Containers

You may be the most organized mover on the planet, but even after you’ve put everything in boxes, you may discover things that need packing at the last minute. Be sure to have containers on hand to handle any last-minute additions.

First-Aid Kit

Because moving is a strenuous activity, it’s not uncommon for people to get hurt during the process. Having some band-aids or aspirin on hand lets you take care of physical injuries quickly without you having to run to the drugstore or call a doctor.

Fire Extinguisher

When you turn something on in your new home for the first time, whether it’s the oven, BBQ grill, or central air conditioning, you never know how it’s going to behave. If it sparks or catches fire, having an extinguisher prevents a small flame from becoming a conflagration.

Cleaning Supplies

Even if the previous owner of your home cleaned meticulously, every day that your home was empty is a chance for more dirt and dust to enter the interior. You can deal with those deposits as well as any leftover trash with cleaning supplies like a broom, sponge, paper towels, and detergents.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are useful for removing any remaining debris at your old place. When you reach your new abode, if you find dirt that you can’t just sweep away, you’ll need to clear it out by putting it in garbage bags.


You’re more likely to notice parts of your home that need repair when the interiors are still empty. A toolkit containing such basics as a hammer, screwdriver, drill, nails, screws, and a flashlight will help you make quick fixes.

Bathroom Supplies

After several hours of traveling to get to your new home, you and your family will want to use the facilities. Make sure you have soap, towels, toilet paper, personal hygiene items, and other toiletries that you can place in the bathrooms the minute you arrive.


You don’t want to have to go digging through boxes to find the chargers that power up your smartphone and mobile devices. So keep them with you.

Food and Drink

You’re bound to get hungry even before you begin unpacking. Having some granola bars and fruit will help you continue unpacking when your feeling pangs in your stomach. A cooler full of beverages and ice gives you something to drink when you’re thirsty.

Paper Plates and Plastic Utensils

Even if you order out those first few days, it’s helpful to have plates, cups, napkins, and utensils to help you eat. Make sure they’re disposable so you don’t have to bother with washing until you’ve thoroughly unpacked.

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