Five Packing Supply Categories You'll Need for Moving

Varieties of essential items while moving

Whether this is your first move or you've hopped around a few times, you'll need to have some basic moving skills and supplies as a prerequisite for an easy process. Here are five types of packing materials to put on your shopping list as you prepare for your move.

1. Boxes, Including Glass and Dish Packs

Whether you choose cardboard boxes or reusable plastic cartons, you'll need to make sure that you have enough of them for all your belongings so that you won't be frantically scrounging for more at the last minute. And in addition to everyday boxes, you'll also want to source some specialized glass and dish packs if you have any China, wine glasses or other fragile kitchen items.

2. Padding Such as Bubble Wrap and Packing Peanuts

Bubble wrap is usually best used to cushion individual items, especially those that are fairly regular in shape but still somewhat fragile. Packing peanuts are an excellent way to fill in the empty spaces in a box. For example, if your box has too much negative space to hold items securely in place but not enough space to safely add more items, packing peanuts are ready to fill in the gaps.

3. Several Types of Tape

Clear packing tape is essential for holding boxes shut so that they won't accidentally open and spill items onto the ground during the moving process. You may need other types of tape as well. For example, painter's tape or masking tape can be used to seal the lids onto plastic bins (packing tape might leave a sticky residue). You can also use a strip of colored duct tape to color-code your boxes that way you know which room they belong in. A piece of masking tape or duct tape can make a great label too.

4. Labels and Permanent Markers

Speaking of labels, you'll need to make sure you have enough to label each box on multiple sides. Decide whether you're going to use pre-printed labels or a simple piece of masking tape, and make sure you also have permanent markers on your packing materials shopping list. Trying to label boxes with ball-point pens just leads to frustration; fat permanent markers can make the labels much easier to read.

5. Moving Blankets or Cushions and Foam

Moving blankets can pad the sides and corners of large bookcases, bedside stands, pianos and similar items to provide a buffer layer. This can reduce damage to the items themselves and the walls and doorways of both your old home and your new home. Protective foam corners can also be added to the corners.

These five types of materials can form a core group of packing supplies to serve all your packing needs. Contact us at True Friends Moving Services today for moving advice, quotes or additional information. We look forward to helping you make your moving process the easiest it has ever been!