What You Should Never Store in a Storage Unit

indoor storage unit with door open

Are you considering using a storage unit for your extra belongings during your move? While storage can be an excellent solution for decluttering your home or facilitating a faster move, there are some things that you should never keep in a storage unit.

Keep reading to learn how you can avoid potential damage to your belongings and have peace of mind knowing that everything is safely stored.

Don't store flammable liquids or gases in a storage unit — they are a fire hazard.

Flammable liquids and gases such as kerosene, gasoline, propane, and diesel can be a huge fire hazard and should be kept out of storage at all costs. Not only will they put your property at risk, but by keeping them in a storage unit, you are also putting other people’s items at risk.

Don't store food in a storage unit — it will attract pests and animals.

Not only will the food spoil quickly, but it may also attract unwanted pests and animals. Worse yet, depending on the severity of the infestation, the facility may have to bring in professional exterminators, resulting in additional costs for you.

Don't store valuable items in a storage unit — they could be stolen.

Whether it's jewelry, antiques, collectibles, cash, or any other valuable item, keeping them in a storage unit is never a good idea. Unfortunately, theft can happen anywhere, and the items stored in these units may not remain safe, leaving you with an unpleasant surprise one day. These valuables should always be kept out of a storage unit and placed somewhere more secure.

Don't store hazardous materials in a storage unit — they could harm people and the environment.

Hazardous materials could be a danger to people and the environment if kept in a storage unit. Items like paint, propane tanks, and even fuel all count as hazardous materials and can potentially cause serious damage if placed into a storage unit.

Don't store perishable items in a storage unit — they can go bad quickly without proper temperature controls, lighting, etc.

Perishable items like food, plants, and medicine are not suitable for storage in a self-storage unit. They can spoil quickly or become unusable, so it's wise to avoid storing them, even for a short time. It's much better to buy these items in smaller quantities or find a friend or family member who can store them for you until you need them.

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