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How to Avoid Wasting Your Food Before a Move

Moving can be stressful, and after all the chaos of packing and coordinating, it can be hard to figure out what to do with everything in your fridge. At the same time, no one wants to throw away food if they can help it. Every year, 119 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States, and with starving people around the globe, it doesn’t feel good to get rid of perfectly good food just because you’re moving. Keep reading to learn tips on how to avoid wasting your food before you head out for a new home, courtesy of our moving experts at True Friends Moving Company.

Make a List of All the Items In Your Fridge

To know what you want to keep versus what you want to throw out, the best thing you can do is make a list. Go through everything in your fridge and check the dates, setting aside what’s expired or about to expire from what is still good. Once you know what food you want to keep, it’ll make it easier to get ready for your move. Plus, it’ll help you…

Come Up With Recipes That Incorporate What You Have On-Hand

As you make a list of food items you have before a move, you may discover certain things that are close to expiration but not quite there yet. When packing up the pantry, you may discover things you didn’t even know you had! This can present an excellent opportunity to get creative in the kitchen.

Using recipes that incorporate the food you have before you move and trying to eat what is on hand is a smart way to avoid wasting food. Plus, it’s cheaper than ordering out, like you might have done otherwise. You might end up with delicious combinations you never knew existed!

Get some culinary inspiration here!

Ask Friends or Family If They'd be Willing to Take Items You Don’t Want to Bring With You

When it comes to eating, never be afraid to enlist the help of your friends and family members. Chances are they would be more than happy to take some items off your hands that you don't want to bring with you.

Do you have unopened food items that don’t need refrigeration? You can donate them to a local food pantry! Not only will this save you some space, but it's also a great opportunity to provide items to people who may desperately need them.

Store Food Items in Airtight Containers or a Cooler So They’ll Last Longer

Okay, so you’ve gotten rid of your unusable food and eaten or given away what you won’t take with you. Now it’s time to pack up what you do want.

One of the easiest ways to keep your food fresh for longer is by storing it in airtight containers or vacuum-sealing it. Not only does this help prevent unwanted air and moisture from deteriorating your food, but it also keeps pests and unwanted odors out.

On your moving day, pack foods that need refrigeration in a large cooler filled with ice or ice packs. Avoid opening the cooler during your move; this will let heat in.

Unpack ASAP

You have successfully transported food from one home to another: congratulations, mission (almost) accomplished! Next, you’ll want to prioritize getting the food you brought into a new fridge before it spoils.

Research Restaurants & Grocery Stores Near Your New Home

As you settle into your new house, you’ll want to take some time to research nearby restaurants and grocery stores to make meal planning a breeze. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also allow you to discover new and exciting dining options in your neighborhood. Plus, by knowing what and where you’re eating ahead of time, you can avoid buying food you may end up throwing out.

Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Of course, hiring professional movers is the final way to avoid food waste and a slow, tedious move when relocating. At , our services are trained to be fast and efficient, so you can focus more on what you’ll eat for dinner and less on the logistics of packing and storing. Call now to get a free quote, and take the first bite out of your next move today.

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