Celebrating Your First Holiday in a New Home

Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Your first holiday “away from home” can feel lonely and isolating. If you have children or teens, being away from their friends--especially if it’s for the first time--can amplify these feelings.

That’s why your friends here at True Friends decided to throw together some tips on how to celebrate your first holiday in a new home. Keep reading and get festive!


Decorating for the Holidays

The first big tip is to break out the holiday decor and spruce up the new place a bit! A new home can feel strange and uninviting, so adding your favorite personal touches can help everyone feel more at home. Adding family photos, festive garland, and bringing in a tree will put even the grumpiest Scrooges in the holiday spirit.

Better yet, let your kids decide where some of the decorations should go--that way the whole family feels invested in the decorating process.

Write Christmas Cards

Being away from friends and family makes the holidays feel lonely--especially if you’ve moved from a home that hosted large holiday gatherings. Thankfully, keeping in touch with loved ones is easier now than it ever has been before!

Writing Christmas cards is a fun way for your entire family to let your friends and relatives know that you’re thinking of them even as you begin your new lives. Don’t quite have time between the holidays and the move? Consider sending an e-card!

Bring Old Traditions Back...Or Start New Ones!

A tried and true method for bringing some holiday warmth into a new home is to bring some of your family’s traditions with you to your new home. If your family hasn’t been one for traditions before, or you’re a new family making a home of your own for the first time, consider this change of scenery as a time to start new traditions!

Bake holiday cookies or decorate your Christmas tree together or go volunteer at a soup kitchen to give back to those less fortunate than you. Here are some more ideas for traditions to start with your family:

  • Wear matching holiday PJs

  • Find the Christmas pickle

  • Go see holiday lights

  • DIY ornaments or other holiday decorations

  • Teach kids to leave carrots out for Santa’s reindeer

  • Host a sleepover under the Christmas tree

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