Elderly couple moving boxes

How to Pick the Best Day to Move

Good planning is the key to a successful move. Picking the right day can mean the difference between a stress-free process that goes according to schedule and an anxiety-filled chore that seems to take forever. Your two main choices for scheduling are the weekends or weekdays.


Weekends or holidays would seem to be the obvious times for a move, especially if you’re a working adult. At most, you only have to take one day off, so you won’t be taking too much time off of the job you need to pay for the process. Neither will your kids be missing time off from school and can start the week fresh at their new classroom. You’ll have less traffic to deal with because you won’t be encountering the morning or evening rush. And streets that typically have restrictions during or charge for parking on the weekdays are wide open. If you need help from friends or relatives for setting up your new abode, you’re more likely to get it. You’ll also be more likely to meet the neighbors who may offer help.

Unfortunately, weekends and holidays are the most popular times to move, particularly on a Friday. Moving companies are at their busiest which may make scheduling difficult unless you plan far ahead. If your new home is near popular recreation areas, such as a beach, theme park, or lake, or near a mall or shopping center, you may encounter more crowds than on a weekday. Resources are also less readily available. If you need a utility repair, an approval from a government office, or need to visit a bank for financing, you can’t do it on a weekend.


You’ll lose work time if you move between Monday and Thursday, and your kids will lose instructional time unless you do it in the summer. They will also be dropped into a new teaching environment in the middle of a week and may experience more stress trying to catch up. It’s less likely that friends or family can help you because they won’t want to take time off work or school. You’ll also have to deal with major traffic tie-ups during the morning and evening commutes, especially if you’re passing a major work center.

The biggest advantage of moving on a weekday is that because it’s less popular, it’s easier to schedule a moving company. If you need anything done to your home, such as having utilities connected or getting it professionally cleaned, you can do it more easily during regular business hours. If you prefer privacy and confidentiality during your move, you’re less likely to encounter nosy neighbors because they’ll all be at work.

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