11 Valuable Preparations That Make You a More Successful Mover

Packing again? Moving doesn't have to be a stressful part of your life. Here are 11 ways that will help you to become a better mover.


Create a moving binder: Begin with a list or spreadsheet comprised of a comprehensive inventory of all items you'll be moving. Also, keep all estimates, receipts, and notes.

Purchase supplies: Buy plenty of boxes (it's best to buy boxes with no markings, so you can easily read content labels), packaging or shipping tape, twine, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, wrapping paper, and specialty items. Buy plenty the first time because you don't want to run out, and most box and bag specialty stores will buy back the unused portion of your supplies.

Sort: Sorting is a vital step in being able to find things once you get to your new home. Begin to organize your items in similar groups, such as clothing, electronics, kitchen supplies and so on.

Begin Packing: Pack things you won't use for a while, like the home décor, the waffle iron or the ping pong paddles.

Protect Valuables: Place jewelry and other valuables, such as your will, in a separate box, and make sure to place it in your vehicle instead of the moving truck on moving day. Valuables that cannot go with you, such as desktop computers, China or heirlooms, should be insured.

Finish Packing: Pack remaining items and begin labeling. Each box should be marked with the room it is destined for and with the main contents. A separate bright color for each room helps. Make sure to list each box on the binder spreadsheet. Pack suitcases or duffel bags for each member of the family with clothes for three or four days.


Organize Records: Begin gathering and forwarding records. Go to your child's school and sign for his or her records to be forwarded to the new school district. Sign releases, so that your family's medical and dental records may be forwarded. Gather shot records, birth certificates, insurance cards, social security cards and driver's licenses (IDs). Make sure to secure them, but have them accessible as well. Get a change of address form, and notify pertinent parties of your move, such as the bank and utility companies.

Banking: Clean out your safety deposit box and find out whether you can close your account without being at the originating branch.


Refill Prescriptions: Refill all the prescriptions you will need for anyone in the family for the next month, as best you can.

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance: Have your car checked out. Make sure it is in proper working order for the move.

Purge: Use up the foods in your freezer, and anything else you may not want to move. Get rid of anything you don't truly have need of or don't want to move or store.

Preparing for a move can be stressful, which is why we're here to help! Contact us today at True Friends Moving Company to schedule your upcoming move.