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Any type of move is a major undertaking, but a commercial move can be especially complicated. At True Friends Moving Company, we take the stress out of your relocation with outstanding commercial moving services. Our Nashville moving services crews are highly-trained and experienced in handling valuable workplace equipment and sensitive items. From small retail shops to large hotels, we’re equipped to handle the moving needs of any type of commercial property. We aim for minimal workplace interruption and make it our mission to have you up and running again in your new location in as little time as possible.

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10 Tips for a Successful
Commercial Move

At True Friends Moving Company, we do more than just handle the heavy lifting. We also want to help you have a seamless commercial move with as little downtime as possible. Our efficient systems, proven procedures, and proprietary techniques are designed to do just that. Plus, we’re happy to offer our professional recommendations and advice for a stress-free commercial move.

  • Check out our top 10 tips for a successful commercial move:
  • Have one person whose job it is to communicate with your movers. This person should, ideally, be highly organized and responsive.
  • Let your customers or clients know ahead of time that you’ll be moving locations. You’ll also want to notify customers/clients of any unusual hours or shutdowns.
  • Send out a notice to your customers, clients, service providers, suppliers, etc. of your upcoming address change.
  • Be sure to update your marketing materials and other items, such as official stationery, with your new address.
  • Offer a reliable way for customers and other clients to get in touch with you while your company computers and phones are disconnected.
  • Make sure your employees are fully prepared for the move ahead of time. Have them pack up their desks and belongings a couple weeks in advance.
  • Be sure to conduct a full backup of your company phone system and server prior to the move—you do not want to risk losing your valuable data.
  • Create a detailed floor plan of the new location and present this to your movers to improve efficiency and streamline the setup process.
  • Once your furniture and other supplies have been successfully moved to your new location, contact utility providers to re-connect your services.
  • Celebrate your move, and show your appreciation for your employees, with a party at your new location!

What Our Friends Are Saying

  • "They were punctual and worked their tails off the entire time, no chatting or goofing. A professional team effort to complete the job."

    - Angela

  • "From top to bottom, best moving crew I have ever encountered. Your company should consider themselves lucky to have such nice, polite, strong, and professional men working for them. I would call them again in a second!"

    - Beth

  • "FANTASTIC! They were on time, courteous, helpful and professional. They were all the nicest guys and did a fantastic job wrapping all the furniture and making sure to take care when moving all the items."

    - Josh

  • "They were professional and had a great attitude throughout the whole job. Also, thank you for the reasonable pricing."

    - Courtney

  • "100%"

    - Christy

  • "Our crew! They handled a complicated move with professionalism and good humor and everything arrived safely and in good shape. We are very happy customers."

    - Mary

  • "They were a pleasure!! You have great people working for you which must mean that you choose good people and treat them well. I wish a lot more companies used your methods."

    - Janet

  • "Your customer service is truly outstanding. As you know I have been a long time client of True Friends. It is very obvious that your customer care is extremely important to you."

    - Marcie

  • "I have never had a move so smooth and stress free. Every contact I had with your company was excellent."

    - Rebecca

  • "Thank you for the wonderful service on both ends of this move. Everything went very smoothly, and each person – phone staff, crew leaders, and movers – rates an A+ in my book."

    - Marie

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Types of Commercial Moves We Handle

Every commercial property is different—the commercial moving needs of a hotel will differ wildly from those of a restaurant, which will differ from those of a hospital, and so on. At True Friends Moving Company, we have extensive experience handling commercial moves of all types, sizes, and complexities.

  • Our outstanding crews have assisted in the successful moves of the following types of commercial properties:
  • Retail establishments
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Medical facilities
  • Government offices
  • Schools/educational institutions
  • Hotels and motels
  • Interior designers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Warehouses
  • Tradeshows

Thanks to our years of combined commercial moving experience, we have the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge to help you have a successful, stress-free commercial move. We can assist you with everything from the planning to the preparation to the move to the setup of your new space. We proudly offer flat, hourly rates so you’re never caught off guard by the total cost of your moving services.

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