In-House Movers

truefriends_inhouse[box style=”rounded”]Inhouse moving is one of the many award winning services that True Friends Moving Company provides. You can count
on us to provide the same professional, careful, and personal service for your inhouse move as when we move across

Moving doesn’t have to mean transporting furniture from one home to another!

Save yourself the physical and mental stress of moving items within a home by calling True Friends for inhouse moving services.

  • In-house Moving Services
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Store items in another part of home during a remodel
  • Clear space for a special event or party
  • Stage home for sale
  • Hang/Reposition art or antiques
  • Move large or unwieldy items within home (treadmills, pianos, and safes)
  • Maximize the potential of your home

True Friend’s expertise and complete range of services, including packing for moving, delivery of moving boxes and packing supplies and ensure that we can meet your most challenging and individual moving needs with guaranteed satisfaction.

Local House Moving

moving-servicesWe offer professional Local House Moving services at affordable prices. Our crews are well trained and experienced, so we can handle every local house moving with great care and professionalism, because of that we are one of the most trusted Local InHouse Moving and Furniture Rearranging companies.[/box]

Short notice in-house moving services

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Move Furniture

Same day/Next Day service have been very helpful to many of our customers when there was urgent work needed to be done and also when special occasions and holidays took place. Let us do the job and move furniture in the same house. We are also among the best rated senior moving companies and student movers in the area.

Home Remodeling or Improvements

lets-moveHaving home improvement done or installing new carpet in some of your rooms? True Friends can move some of you furniture to their temporarily location or even store them in our Secure Storage location to open up the space needed for contractors to complete their job. Carpet or hard hardwood installation being done can be very dusty. Our professional in-house movers will not only move the furniture, but offer plastic covers for the furniture located in other rooms of your location. After the home repairs are completed simply contact us and the in-house movers will have the furniture put back in place or rearranged.

We offer premium furniture arranging service and furniture rearranging service. Let the professional movers do the furniture rearrange in your house –
call 855-MOVE-615 now[/box]