Apartment & Condo

Move Your Apt Today!

Move Your Apt Today!

[box style=”rounded”]True Friends Moving specializes in these types of moves and is partnered up with most of the local apartment and condo units as their preferred mover. Association rules, limited parking space, narrow hallways, and stairs… sometimes lots of stairs makes these types of moves more beneficial for the Client to go with True Friends! We have moved lots of apartment dwellers, and we know what it takes to manage these obstacles and get the job done right.

Quick tips for moving to or from an apartment:

  • Since apartment parking lots can be tight on space, be sure to save space for the moving van by blocking a parking spot or two with your car overnight.
  • Contact your landlord or property manager to schedule your moving day. Find out if there are any move-in regulations or special arrangements you need to be aware of.
  • Get that security deposit back! Do a final walk through once most of the furniture is loaded. Touch up paint, patch holes, and make any minor repairs necessary to get your apartment looking like new again.[/box]


Apartment Move $159.99

(For The First (1st) 2 Hours.)