What to Expect

Below you will find what you should expect from True Friends Moving Company:

  1. Booking an Appointment – True Friends Moving books jobs on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to book an appointment, please CONTACT US by phone or fill out the Free Quote tool to the right…
  2. fragile-childrenAppointment Timing – We have both morning and afternoon appointments available to better serve our customers. The morning appointment begins at 9AM unless otherwise arranged. The afternoon appointment is generally between 1-3PM. The exact arrival time of our crew is contingent upon the completion of our morning appointment. If you have an afternoon appointment and our morning appointment is running later than expected, we will contact you but please be patient, we will be there.
  3. Our Equipment – True Friends Moving trucks come stocked with all the equipment and tools necessary to carry out your move in the most efficient
  4. Multiple Trips – If a second trip between your new and old home is necessary to safely transport all of your belongings without damage, we will let you know. You can make the call whether you’d like to have us finish the  job or just take the largest items leaving smaller, more manageable items for you to handle in your vehicle.
  5. Saving Time – If you are concerned about the time it will take to complete your move, have as much as you can in sealed boxes. This is one way to save you time and you money. Carrying odds and ends by hand is very time consuming.
  6. Moving Time Flexibility – Every time you move, there are several factors that determine the total time it takes to complete your move. Here are a few: How many boxes, how much furniture, how many odds and ends, how many flights of stairs, size of elevator, long hallways/long carry out to the truck, and how many items need to be disassembled and reassembled. Unexpected circumstances arise but we’ll do the best we can to accomplish the job in the time we estimated. I can assure you that we will be working as efficiently as possible.
  7. cute_puppy_in_a_box-1On the Job Safety – As much as we love kids and pets; if they are at our feet when we are working, we may stumble and drop whatever it is we are carrying. This is a hazard to our guys and also to your kids or pets as well. If animals are safe in a bedroom or bathroom, and children are attended to, we’ll have a safe working environment. Let’s all work together to make this moving experience accident free.
  8. Work-space Congestion – If you plan to have the cable and phone technician, painter, cleaner, contractor, and movers come all in one day, our job will be more difficult and time consuming working around all these obstacles.