Movers in Nashville Tennessee: Tips for Packing the Breakables

08 Jul

We’ve been professional Nashville Movers for a quite a while and have had tons of experience assisting our customers with packing, loading up and moving their valuables.  Here at True Friends Moving Company in Nashville, we suggest to our customers that they hold off on packing up the breakables as many of them seem to over pack or mis-organize those important items and when they are unpacking notice that those valuables are not cracked, chipped or even shattered.

Tips for Packing those Breakables

If you choose to pack the breakables yourself, make sure you have already packed most everything else in your house, home or apartment.  When packing those breakables, generally it takes more time than you anticipated and if you started packing these items first, you may run into the problem of having only 1 day left to pack the rest of the house.  However, if you are having us help we often ask our clients and customers to wait until last to pack these valuable breakables.  Either way, please take your time packing them as you want to make sure it’s done the safest way.

Items that can easily break should be carefully wrapped in “unprinted” newspaper before being placed into a box.  If you are not using a professional mover or packing service to help you, you will want to use the extra time we mentioned to ensure they are done the safest way and make sure to line the bottom of the box with a bubble wrap or some other kind of extra cushioning.  When items of significant monetary and/or sentimental value we would advise that you use the bubble wrapping.

These are just a few tips to use when packing those breakables.  If you choose to do it yourself and run into a snag, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 855-MOVE-615.

Please keep in mind that while these techniques do decrease the chances of something being broken, your best bet is to hire a professional mover in Nashville that offers a packing service and is well trained in the “art” of packing valuables.

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